FileMaker announces Bento for iPad

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Bento for iPad

Man, it’s going to be a busy day for updates as companies officially announce their iPad apps. One of the bigger announcements we’ve been sitting on until now is that FileMaker, Inc. has announced the Bento for iPad, available now in the App Store. The app is based on Bento for iPhone with enhancements to make the most of the big, beautiful iPad screen. The new app enables users to manage contacts, track projects, plan events and more, and can be used by itself or synchronized with Bento 3 for Mac OS X.

I had the opportunity to participate in a web presentation of Bento of iPhone, and I have to say that it looks fantastic.

Bento for iPad

Not content to just port over Bento for iPhone, the developers have improved the design and functionality to suit the iPad’s capabilities and and larger screen.

“Bento has been one of the leading productivity apps for the Mac and iPhone for some time, and we’re very excited to now bring a great version to iPad at an incredible price,” said Ryan Rosenberg, FileMaker vice president of marketing and services.

The new Bento for iPad provides gesture support navigation on iPad and takes full advantage of the innovative device’s big screen. The app works in both portrait and landscape views, automatically switching between views as the user rotates the iPad. Users can simply touch the screen to edit information in choice, date and rating fields and checkboxes. A new quick tap lets users watch videos, view photos and send e-mails. Customers can even browse web links in Bento without leaving the app.

The app features cool new notebook, clipboard, and glass themes that you can apply to any Bento library to make your database look as great as it works. It also includes 25 pre-designed customizable templates ranging from event planning, time billing, recipes, classes, dieting and more—all designed to make organizing iPad content and activities easy. All templates are fully modifiable, and users can create their own libraries to suit any type of task. To make it easy to bring together all your information, the new Bento for iPad supports 15 field types including text, numbers, choice, checkbox, media, time, date, durations, currency, rating, address, phone number, email, URL and IM Account.

Bento for iPad is priced at just $4.99, similar to the iPhone. Because this is entirely new app, there is no upgrade price from the iPhone version, although I imagine you’ll be able to run the iPhone app on the iPad if you don’t want to put down another $5.00. Bento for iPad is available today in English only, but will be available in other countries when the iPad is released there.

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