Alternative ways to get an iPad on launch day

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There are currently two types of Apple fans: those who pre-ordered the iPad, and those who forgot. If you’re the latter, you may either be waiting for the 3G model or drowning your sorrows while waiting for another chance to get your hands on the device. But it doesn’t have to be like that. I’m here to tell you, friends, that there are still some options open to allow you to grab an iPad tomorrow—none of which involve an Apple store.

Apple Specialist Stores

For many of us, the closest Apple-like retail experience comes in the form of a premium reseller store. These are retail stores that are independent from Apple, but who have their seal of approval. Some of these locations are known as Apple Specialist stores, and it’s these that should be carrying the Apple iPad on launch day.

Why aren’t you already aware of this? Well, according to our sources, they’re under a nondisclosure agreement with Apple to keep quiet until tomorrow. They haven’t been able to advertise the iPad beforehand, either. As a result of the agreement these stores have with Apple, we are unsure of exactly which stores will have the iPad in stock tomorrow, so it would probably be wise to give them a call before heading out. If you’re not sure where your closest Apple Specialist store is, you can check their website to find out.

It’s common knowledge that Best Buy will be carrying the iPad tomorrow, but with each store only having 15 devices in stock, you could end up spending quite a few hours behind the wheel in the search for an iPad. Well, here’s another little tip that can save your gas: use If you’ve never used it before, is a service which tracks the stock of items from hundreds of stores across the U.S. In particular, it tracks the stock of items from Best Buy stores across the U.S. What’s more, has a mobile-optimized site, so you can keep on top of your local Best Buy’s stock while you’re en route to them. It all happens in real-time, too, so you couldn’t really be any more informed.

So there you have it. I’m sure we’d all prefer to buy the iPad direct from Apple, if for no other reason than nostalgia, but if you’ve left it this late, it’s reassuring to know you still have a couple of options that give you a fighting chance of grabbing an iPad tomorrow. If you need something to kill a little time before heading out for the overnight pilgrimage to your authorized Apple reseller, there are a few iPad reviews hitting the cyberspace that are worth a look.

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