iPad: First Impressions (and photos)

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I wasn’t even out of my pajamas this morning when the UPS fellow dropped off my iPad this morning. I don’t think the nearest Apple store is even open yet. Obviously, over the next couple of hours I’ll putting together my initial thoughts on the device. But I’m currently downloading the necessary software updates, and thought you all might like to see this baby in the meantime.

iPad Unboxing
The box is typically sparse; big picture on the front, almost nothing on the sides and back.
iPad Unboxing
Inside, the iPad is held in place by a large (recyclable) plastic frame.

This is especially worth noting because it’s actually a bit hard to get the iPad out of there. Tight fight. I turned it over to try to pry it loose, and were it not for my keen, Batman-like reflexes, the iPad would crashed to the table. Thankfully, I caught it as it fell, and all’s well.

iPad Unboxing
There’s not a whole lot here. You get the iPad, the dock connector to USB cable, and a 10W USB power adapter.

That’s it, unless you consider those Apple stickers to be a feature (I’d rather they be window clings). There’s no instruction manual beyond a three-step setup for syncing and charging. To learn more, you’re told to tap the user guide bookmark in Safari, or go to, which I’ll do once I get everything set up.

Or, after I download Intellivision for iPad, anyway.

And I suppose I should shower at some point.

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