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Category: Games
Seller: Illusion Labs
Requirements: iPhone OS 3.2 or later
Compatibility: iPad
File Size: 9.1MB
Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
Price: $7.99
Age Rating: 4+

You have an iPad, but clearly not enough apps or games. Where to start? Illusion Labs’ Labyrinth 2 HD. It takes the tested marble maze gameplay of the iPhone version and translates it perfectly for a larger screen. That means more area, obstacles, challenge and fun. Plus, with user creatable levels, there’s a nearly endless amount of content waiting for you.

Labyrinth 2 HD gameplay

Labyrinth 2 HD (and the whole Labyrinth line of games) puts you in control of a table on which there is a steel ball. Your goal is to get the ball from its starting position to the end…well, goal. There are a number of other holes on the way in most levels, along with other objects to make it challenging: bumpers, magnets, fans, lasers, cannons etc. You won’t find these kind of obstacles on an old fashioned marble maze, but isn’t that what makes this game so awesome? Some of the obstacles even change the layout of the level. At times you’ll have to roll through a laser or over a button, which triggers movement of blocks elsewhere. As such, you can’t always see the goal at the beginning of a level. Even worse, there’s a ball replicator object that clones your ball, which of course implies that you’ll need to be in two (or more) places at once.

Labyrinth 2 HD level select

Now before you go saying “I’ve already played this game on iPhone,” Labyrinth 2 HD is more than just a direct port from the iPhone version. Sure, all of the obstacles and physics are the same, but the board is bigger and the graphics are beautiful. Of course, that’s what you’d expect from an “HD” app on the App Store that has an iPhone version as well, but Labyrinth truly belongs on the iPad. The updated graphics look great and the gameplay feels even more real since the sizes of the on-screen elements are a bit more realistic than the iPhone equivalent.

These are brand new levels that take advantage of the expanded iPad screen real estate. The table that your ball travels around on is actually larger, so more obstacles can fit on one board than on an iPhone level. You can still play iPhone levels, which makes the iPad feel a bit like a novelty sized iPod touch. They’re still fun, but the iPad levels are where it’s at.

Labyrinth 2 HD Level Creator

The really great part about Labyrinth 2 HD is the downloadable content. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of levels to play. Level packs can be created online and shared with other players. So, maybe you’re the creative type and you’ll want to make some levels for the community. With all of the obstacles that are built in to this game, you’ll have a grand time building your masterpiece level pack. If you’d rather just download other user-created levels, there are, thankfully, a healthy amount online to be played.

If you’re at all still uncertain of this game (which you really shouldn’t be if you at all enjoy fun), there is a free version available, so definitely check that out first. While I’m still not totally on board with the higher base prices of iPad apps and games, $8 is easily justified for this table tilter since it will keep you coming back for more with its downloadable levels for the foreseeable future.

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