How to find system information about your Mac

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When it comes to your Mac, some of the most important information can be found by looking at the specs of the device. While they are listed on the box the Macs come with—as well as at Apple’s site if the product is still for sale—sometimes people can lose track of these easy references. Thankfully, Apple has included a method for even easier access to more detailed information about your Mac, if need be. Here’s how…

The easiest way to get an overview of your system is to simply click the Apple logo on the top left of the menu bar and then “About This Mac.” Here, a simple window tells you your processor and memory details, as well as the version of Mac OS X you are running. However, a neat little trick is to click the version number to have access to your Mac OS X build number or your computer’s serial number. This is especially useful when on AppleCare calls, as that’s one of the first questions they ask.

About Mac OS X

The real magic comes in when you click “More Info…” By doing this, you will open an application known as System Profiler that provides in-depth information about your hardware, network, and software on your Mac. Anything you’d ever want to know about components in your machine or software you’ve put on your machine can be found here. It’s quite useful at certain times.

System Profiler
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