How to change the auto save time in Word for Mac

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When you’re working on a business report, term paper, or that novel you just know Hollywood is going to snap up, the last thing you want to face is a frozen program or power outage. Losing your work is tough. Losing your work without a recent auto save is tougher. Auto saves can make your life a lot less frustrating, and extra auto saves can prevent loss of even more data. To change the auto-save time in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

word start screen

1. Open Word.
2. Click on “File” then “System Preferences.”


3. Choose “Output and Sharing,” then “Save.”
4. Find the check box next to “save auto recover info every x minutes.”
5. Type in a new time value in the box.

Auto Save

6. Close this box.
7. Save once manually to start the auto save.

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