iPhone HD will record video at 720P

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iPhone HD 720P video

Not only is the next generation of iPhone rumored to have a 5MP camera chip in it, it supposedly will record video at 720p. That qualifies as HD video, which also gives more umph to the rumor that the next iPhone will be called “iPhone HD.”

If you remember the preview of iPhone OS 4.0, you might recall that Apple will be providing “full access to still and video camera data.” Well, someone decided to take a peek inside of the iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3, and they found that there are some pretty telling bits of code concerning video.

These are the preset values for video capture resolution:


640×480 is what the iPhone 3GS records at. 720p really isn’t that big of a step in terms of hardware, so it’s likely that the next iPhone will support 720p video recording. The name “iPhone HD” is appropriate as well, since iPhone 4G is misleading.

iPhone HD really sounds like it’s going to be a major upgrade to the iPhone line. I’m pretty confident our previous rumors are correct in that we’re going to see a very new looking iPhone in the next month or so. I won’t be surprised to see it with a completely redesigned case and upgraded everything, including that camera chip we’ve been talking about. What I’m still wondering about is cost; it will be truly interesting to see how Apple prices the next generation iPhone. Stay tuned.

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