Appletell reviews Uphill Rush 2 for iPhone, iPod touch

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Uphill Rush 2Category: Stunt-racing games
Seller: SPIL Games
Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
File Size: 47.0MB
Version Reviewed: 1.3
Price: $0.99
Age Rating: 4+

I don’t know how to feel about games such as Uphill Rush 2. The Flash version is available for free online play, but it’s not as if the $0.99 price tag here is a major jump from that. Obviously, you can’t play the Flash version on your iPhone, anyway. But considering the power of the iPhone, do you really want to spend your time playing Flash games? What would Steve think?

That’ll depend upon the game, I guess. In Uphill Rush 2, you get one that’s mostly a balancing act. You’re a guy or girl (customize your clothes!) on a moped, skateboard, convertible, etc. (customize your vehicle!) racing along a side-scrolling landscape (don’t customize your track!). It’s not often you see a side-scrolling racing game, but it makes sense here (this is, after all, a suped-up Line Runner). Uphill Rush 2 is just as much about collecting coins, performing tricks and staying upright as it is about racing.

Uphill Rush 2

The track is full of loops, ramps and obstacles, you see, so preventing a wipeout will become your focus. Virtual buttons for speed and braking are stacked on the bottom right of the playing field, while buttons for angling your vehicle are on the left. With these, you perform tricks (as with shaking your iDevice) and, more importantly, prevent your vehicle from landing upside down after a stunt…or even just after going over a hill.

As you progress, more tracks (8 cups spanning a mere 3 worlds), outfits (20) and vehicles (12) become available to you. I find it odd that you get more clothing options than racing options, but so be it; the kids these days love their avatars. You can practice your moves/control in Time Trial mode before moving on to Versus mode, which can be completed at Easy, Medium and Hard levels.

Uphill Rush 2

“But we can get all of this from the game’s iTunes App Store entry,” you correctly point out. “What about the gameplay, Hiner?”

Well, you can get that from the App Store, too, thanks to the free Uphill Rush 2 – Lite (only one world and only the easy gameplay setting). Grab either version, and here’s what you’ll likely experience:

  • Initial frustration until you master the somewhat awkward controls (tilting up and down on a digital button isn’t always intuitive).
  • Decent graphics and unique courses, but generic music.
  • Fun gameplay…while it lasts.

There’s really nothing wrong with Uphill Rush 2. It’s well-developed and stable, and it’s a good way to kill some time here and there. But it’s missing WiFi support for multiplayer racing and it needs more tracks.

Uphill Rush 2

In other words, it needs to do more to separate itself from the free version available online. $0.99 is fair for what you get, but I’d be willing to pay a dollar or two more for a deeper, more engaging experience.

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