Appletell reviews the Moshi TeraGlove screen cleaning kit

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Moshi TeraGlove screen cleaning kitProvides: Touch screen cleaning
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: Dirty touch screen device
Price: $16.00
Availability: Now

Let’s be honest with each other; no one thinks cleaning is a whole lot of fun. I personally will do just about anything to avoid it, but every once and awhile becomes necessary. If you own a touch screen device such as the iPhone or iPad, screen cleaning is needed quite often. Such devices often come with some kind of a microfiber cloth, most of which are only marginally useful as the thin material often bunches when you hold it, causing streaks. The The TeraGlove microfiber cleaning kit from Moshi neatly avoids these issues by providing a thick, sturdy pad and a handy flap that fits over your fingers.

I tested the TeraGlove with the screens of two Macbooks, an iPod Touch, a Samsung touch screen cell phone and a 48 inch flat screen TV. Each of them was clear in under a minute. Even the screen that was fairly spotty from a previous ill-fated screen cleaning attempt came out spotless with only the addition of two spray pumps of water to the cloth. 

Moshi TeraGlove screen cleaning kit

The TeraGlove even does a decent job on bathroom mirrors if you happen to run out of Windex (not that this is a recommended use).  Another feature I especially appreciated is its washability.  Most Microfibers are a use-it-till-it’s-dead-then-toss-it experience, but you can throw the Teraglove in with your next load of laundry when it gets grody. This feature alone makes it will worth the price of $16. Think of it as in investment in never having to buy a disposable cloth again. 

Speaking of sustainability, the TeraGlove works without any chemicals. You just fill the spray bottle with tap water and you’re ready to go.  Those of you who carefully examine the packaging will note that the product is recyclable and everything is printed with planet-friendly soy ink. 

In fact, my only gripe is a niggling one; I wish it came with a carrying case or pouch so I can take it on the road with my Macbook without the risk of damaging it or smudging pen ink all over the cloth.

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