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City of Heroes: Architect Edition

Sometimes when I’m in the mood to talk specifically about games, I do so over at Gamertell. This week, in my Single Mac Gamer Seeks column, I focus solely on Steam—Valve’s digital distribution platform that’s now available for the Mac. Portal, City of Heroes: Architect Edition, Torchlight and Guns of Icarus already available. With more promised (Portal 2, Half-Life 2, Left for Dead (1 & 2) and Counter-Strike), just how much of an impact will this have on Mac gaming?

Steam is a digital distribution platform for computer gaming. This is nothing new for Mac Gamers, as deliver2mac, GameAgent and others have been diligently digitally delivering games for quite some time now. So, why get excited about Steam? Two reasons:

One, whenever a “PC only” service embraces the Mac, you get excited. It’s your duty as a Mac gamer. Two, the titles. I mean, yeah, the more games the better, but aren’t you happier when those games are titles you’ve actually heard of? And yearned for?

Also, this week? Menthol!

Head on over to Gamertell for the full report.

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