How to add a new e-mail account to Apple Mail

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It’s hard to get by with just one e-mail account these days. With so many free options available, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to set separate accounts up for business, personal matters, site registration (a good way to avoid SPAM), and so on. Thankfully, Apple’s Mail program makes it very easy to set up and manage multiple accounts. If you’ve never accessed your account settings beyond Mac OS X’s initial set of questions, here’s what to do:

How to add accounts to Mail
  1. Open Mail.
  2. Click on “File” in the menu bar and choose the “Add Account” option. Enter the basic account info as requested.
  3. Mail will search for a server account with the e-mail address you provided. If it finds it, you’re set; just click “Create.” If not, proceed to the next step.
  4. Choose your email account type. If you’re not sure try POP, it is the most common one. Enter a description of this account so you can easily recognize it in Mail. The Incoming Mail Server info should be provided by your Internet service provider or online mail service (usually found in the FAQ section). The user name and password are what you used when setting up the e-mail account. Click “Continue.”
  5. Select your Incoming Mail Security setting. If you’re not sure what to choose here and your ISP didn’t give you instructions, go with “Password,” then click “Continue.”
  6. Enter a description for your outgoing mail server (for instance, “Gmail” or “SBC Yahoo”), then provide the Outgoing Mail Server info as instructed by your ISP. Some ISPs will nto allow you to send e-mail with outgoing mail server other than their own.
  7. If you’re using authentication, enter your User Name and Password here.
  8. Click “Continue” and your connection test will ensue. If everything went as planned, you should now see this account under “Mailboxes” in Mail. If now, check with the account’s provider for troubleshooting tips.
  9. Repeat with any other accounts you may have.
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