How to change the Mac OS X Dock with Leopard Docks

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We all love the Mac OS X Dock. It gives us a handy and flexible way to keep the programs we regularly use all neat and tidy. Sometimes, though, the Dock can use a makeover. After all, looking at that same display scheme day after day can create a sense of monotony. These instructions can help you to create a custom look to pimp out your Mac’s desktop and create a more perfect expression of who you are.

possib theme
  1. Download and install Leopard Docks. This is a free program that allows you to customize your Dock by applying one of their themes. Styles range from diamond plated sheet metal to a Mario Bros. design to even a glass reflection.
  2. Browse the available themes to download.
  3. Open Leopard Docks and browse your downloaded themes (you unzipped them, right?).
  4. Select your theme and click on “Change my Dock!”

You will now see your styling new Dock.

Product [Leopard Docks]

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