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Mr. Sudoku for iPadCategory: Games
Seller: Ambrosia Software, Inc
Requirements: iOS 3.2 or later
Compatibility: iPad
File Size: 6.4 MB
Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
Price: $2.99

For those of you that are new to the world of sudoku, let me introduce you to Mr. Sudoku, a friendly bee that resides on the iPad offering many sudoku puzzles ranging from simple to hard difficulties. If you’ve never completed a sudoku puzzle before, this could be the perfect opportunity to start. It’s not too difficult, either—let Mr. Sudoku tell you how to play:

A Sudoku board is made up of 81 cells arranged in a 9×9 grid. Within the grid there are 9 boxes made up of 3×3 cells and are marked off by thicker lines. There are also numbers in some of the cells that cannot be changed.

The object of sudoku is to fill up all the squares with the number 1 thru 9 following these rules:

– Numbers in each column have to be unique.
– Numbers in each row have to be unique.
– Numbers in each 3×3 box have to be unique.

Mr. Sudoku for iPad, sudoku board

It’s quite straightforward really, and Mr. Sudoku for the iPad offers a solid platform to puzzle the day away. It’s much more convenient than the puzzle section of a newspaper, and since we’re all reading the news on our iPads anyway, we may as well puzzle on them too, right?

As you’d expect, the graphics aren’t necessarily the selling point of Mr. Sudoku. But then again, no one really expects them to be. What’s nice though, is that they’ve made an effort to make every aspect of the game look nice and clean. The game takes sudoku puzzles outside, with clouds slowly floating behind the puzzle, and the face of Mr. Sudoku taking on that of a bee. I can’t say it’s exactly obvious why, but it’s a nice touch all the same. There’s nothing here that’s going to win a design award anytime soon, but it’s certainly very easy on the eyes—and that’s what counts when you could be completing puzzles for hours on end.

Mr. Sudoku for iPad, main menu

There are some really nice features in Mr. Sudoku that go largely unnoticed as you’re playing. When you’re entering in a number, for example, you can either simply press the right one from a number pad, or you can draw the number using your finger on the screen. For the most part, this works just fine, but there’s certainly an occasion where some gestures are mis-interpreted. It’s something that might take a little time to perfect, and maybe Ambrosia’s recognition engine could see an improvement, too.

Mr. Sudoku also offers the ability to insert subscript and superscript numbers in the cells to allow you to have some idea which numbers could eventually fit into each cell. It’s especially useful if there are two possible numbers which could fit one space. You can insert them both into the cell and make the decision at a later point in the game when it’s more obvious which one actually fits. And unlike when you’re playing the puzzle in the back of a newspaper, the numbers automatically disappear once you complete the cell with the correct number, making it easy to see what’s happening overall.

Mr. Sudoku for iPad, in-play

There’s nothing fancy and exciting about Mr. Sudoku, just as there’s nothing fancy and exciting about an actual sudoku puzzle. But then, neither of them are mean’t be. What Mr. Sudoku does offer is possibly the best way on the iPad to enjoy a sudoku puzzle. Its interface is clean, and its number input options are intuitive, which leaves very little between you and the puzzle—just as it should be.

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Mr. Sudoku Review

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