Appletell reviews Chrome-8 for iPhone, iPod Touch

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Chrome-8 IconCategory: Games
Seller: Far East Asia Development Co. Ltd.
Requirements: iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
File Size: 4.9MB
Version Reviewed: 8.4.20
Price: $0.99
Age Rating: 4+

Chrome-8 is a puzzle game in which you move colored dots to their respective areas. This is done simply by dragging them along any of the lines connected to the area they currently occupy. The dots must be rearranged one at a time and can only move along lines to which they are connected. Once all the dots are in areas the same color as themselves, the level is over, and you move on.

As you play each level, the number of moves you make is recorded and stored so you can challenge yourself to do it in fewer and fewer moves. That said, each level does has a minimum number of moves in which you may solve the puzzle, so you have a goal to aim towards.

Chrome-8 Gameplay

Chrome-8 also has support for OpenFeint.

As you can see in the settings below, it is possible to play Master or Apprentice mode. While the gameplay looks very similar, there is a slight difference. In Apprentice mode, the goal is to move the dots to their respective areas marked by colored circles at the intersection point of the lines. In Master mode, the goal is to move the dots so that no two dots of the same color are connected by any of the lines. Each of the two modes has certain dots—marked with an exclamation point—that can’t be moved.

Chrome-8 Settings

I found Chrome-8 to be pretty entertaining, as I enjoy games that make you think. However, Apprentice mode may have been too easy for a lot of the levels; many times, it could be solved just by moving the dots in their initial order. However, adding Master mode to the game was a nice idea; it offers slightly different gameplay that is a little more difficult.

At only $0.99, this one may be worth a gander if you enjoy puzzle games.

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