Appletell reviews the Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad

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Provides: Mobile power adapter
Developer: Griffin
Minimum Requirements: iPad and DC power socket (car)
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

The iPad has phenomenal battery life, but sometimes 10 hours just isn’t enough. Or maybe you just want to ensure that your iPad’s battery is topped off before you leave the car. Either way, Griffin has updated their line of car chargers with iPad support, making them perfect for your next road trip with the iPad. The PowerJolt Plus for iPad is a top of the line charger since not only will it charge all of your iDevices, it keeps the socket open for another charger.

Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad

Normally, there’s not much to say about DC power adapters. They either work or they don’t. But in this case, Griffin has actually added a nice feature that you don’t always see in this kind of adapter. They built in a pass through DC socket. That means this adapter isn’t going to take up any of your power sockets since you can plug something else into it. Theoretically, you could daisy chain a few of these together to keep the whole family powered, but something tells me there’s an upper limit here, and possibly a fire hazard. Let’s not test that idea, ‘kay?

The plug on the end of this charger is quite nice. If you’ve ever felt a flimsy car charger, then you’ll appreciate the sturdiness of the connection here. And the cord is coiled, so it won’t get tangled without some effort. Hey, did I just hear “challenge accepted” back there?

Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad plugged in

The only other thing to talk about is performance. The Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad isn’t exactly the fastest way to recharge your iPad. It charged my iPad about half as fast as the iPad’s included wall charger. This isn’t really that surprising, so I’m not really disappointed. It is something to keep in mind though. Unless you’re going camping, don’t expect this to be your preferred power source. It’s still a great way to keep your iPad (or other iDevice) topped off while you’re in the back seat playing games in the car, though. It could also prevent your iPad from draining while using it as a GPS, if you somehow found a mount for that iPad 3G. And best of all, you can plug another charger in through the pass through, so everyone stays powered.

The Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad does exactly what it says it does. It will keep your iPad powered while you’re in the car, while not taking up any of your power sockets. It may not charge as fast as a wall outlet, but it still helps. It’s a must-have accessory if you use your iPad in the car often.

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Griffin PowerJolt Plus for iPad Review

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