Safari 5 adds extensions, finally catches up to Firefox and Chrome

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Safari 5The announcement of Safari 5 went relatively quietly during WWDC with all of the news surrounding the iPhone 4. However, there were some pretty awesome improvements brought to the Apple’s browser. Chief among these improvements would probably be extension support. Firefox and Chrome have had support for extensions for quite some time, and there has been some extremely awesome development in those markets. One of the main reasons I’ve used Chrome over Safari (other than its speed) is because Chrome can support the extentions I need. Well, as of June 10th, Apple announced the Safari Developer Program that allows developers to create extensions using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Shortly thereafter, a flurry of extensions become available for the browser.

To find a good listing of those you can already download, check out the Tumblr site for Safari Extensions. There are already some pretty useful ones such as Gmail This, a way to easily email links to others, and Coda Notes, a way to mark up webpages and show developers what they need to improve visually. If Safari 5 sees anywhere near the amount of activity that Google Chrome has, then expect some pretty powerful extensions in the next few weeks.

It’s good to see that Apple has finally caught up with Firefox and Chrome in this regard. It will surely help their browser market share.

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  • Barry

    Yes, extensions are always a good option. If people don't want them, they don't have to have them. If they do, then they are now able to install and use them. Everyone's a winner.