FIFA World Cup Soccer apps for iPhone, iPod touch [updated]

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Total FootballThe 2010 FIFA World Cup is now underway, meaning if New York is anything like it was when I lived there, bleachers have been set up on the sidewalks outside of TV store window displays across the city. If you’re into it that much, here’s a collection of iPhone and iPod touch games, apps and accessories to help you follow the action or even create some of your own.


  • New – Spoonjack has announced Vuvuzela Man 1.0, the world’s most powerful yet personal Vuvuzela for iPhone, iPod touch. Vuvuzela Man offers a capable array of intuitive controls. Touch or blow to produce a sound, slide a finger to bend the pitch, and raise and lower the bell to adjust volume. With the World Teams upgrade, users can additionally support their favorite team and choose from one of the contenders in the 2010 World Cup.
  • New – dtp young has released an update of the karaoke game Just SING! National Anthems, available for iPhone and iPod touch. The new version of the “Just SING! National Anthems” App contains ten different national anthems for the football nations Germany, England, France, Italy and the Netherlands as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Japan and the USA. In this app, the players experience karaoke fun in the sizzling atmosphere of the World Cup. The game analyses the individual voices of the singers and features optimal voice recognition.
  • Soccer Near Me 1.0 allows the user to locate public places to view the matches on TV all over the world. Users can also list World Cup parties and events they are hosting. Lastly, fans can post news for each other: “I’m watching the game today at Al’s Bar, come join the party!” The app features a zoomable world map with colored pushpins and soccer ball icons marking events.
  • Fun Booth 2 has been updated with some special World Cup props. With the world’s most watched event already under way, Fun Booth will make it even more fun, especially when friends get together for a game. Using your Mac’s built-in camera, Fun Booth 2 lets you take hilarious pictures and video to share with friends and family. Select from an outrageous assortment of masks, fake mustaches, hats and other props and Fun Booth 2 magically adjusts size and position in real time to fit your face. Combine props, edit, and instantly share by email or upload to your favorite site.
  • Independent developer Colm McMullan has announced Total Football 2010 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iPhone and iPod touch app graphically displays a huge range of match events including every pass, shot, tackle, clearance and foul for all 64 games in South Africa this summer. Fans can compare players’ performances against each other and see which player’s are having greatest influence on the game, enabling fans to analyse a match from a completely new perspective.
  • TEC I.T. Ltd. has released iTeam 1.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users who play, manage or support a sports team. The application gives users an easy, efficient way to organize data for players, their stats and playing venues for their own amateur or professional team, as well as the opposition. The iTeam app allows for the recording of player details, statistics, venue, times and more. This latest update comes just in time for fans of the FIFA World Cup series.
  • MParis has released SouthAfricaPhone 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The launch comes just in time for users to run simulations and set their scores for Soccer Cup 2010. SouthAfricaPhone allows World Cup enthusiasts to enter their match score predictions in order to play, “What if?” The application calculates the user’s input automatically and shows what the match results would be based on their input.
  • Just in time for the start of the highly anticipated 2010 FIFA World Cup,, the world’s #1 source for global football news will soon launch a new 2010 FIFA World Cup edition of its mobile application. Developed in partnership with Handmark, the mobile app now features live scores, match details, team schedules, standings, 24/7 news coverage and more in multiple languages for fans around the world.
  • der.heckser has announced WC Betting Pools 1.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. WC Betting Pools enables soccer fans around the globe to bet on the results for matches happening during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa and compete with other fans worldwide to be crowned the king of soccer experts. The app shows all matches and groups of the World Cup. Users can adjust their bets on LED-styled score board.


  • New – Oceanside Interactive has announced the launch of their free iPhone and iPod Touch title, World Soccer Go!, a fantasy soccer experience that lets users build up their dream football franchise.
  • New – Konami Digital Entertainment has announced its hugely popular Pro Evolution Soccer series is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Already a massive success on home gaming consoles, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will feature realistic soccer gameplay designed to set the new standard for on-the-go gaming.
  • The ball’s-a-rollin’ at the World Cup in South Africa, and also in the world of pinball apps: Dusseldorf’s software manufacturer Bad Monkee has released a full 3-D iPhone pinball table called Kick Off Pinball. Singing fans, applause, referee whistles…it’s all there. Along with original pinball and football sounds, the app additionally features special functions like multi-ball, with up to three balls to play at one time, and there’s even a tilt function. And thanks to Open Feint online high score, the online pinball World Cup can begin.
  • Soccer Superstars Free is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on App Store. The free version features: one Cup, My League,and Season Mode games are playable, three Dramatic Mode missions are available, and the first half of Exhibition Mode is playable.
  • Kevin Ng Games has announced that profits from their iPhone game “Kick Flick 2010″ from sales during the launch period before 26th June 2010 will be donated to “Street Child Africa”. The game, which was released today, is available worldwide on the App Store for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Street Child Africa supports 10 African organisations who work directly with children living in street situations in Africa.
  • Anawiki Games today announced Soccer Cup Solitaire, an innovative title combining card-matching action with the excitement of an international soccer tournament. Players choose an international soccer team to compete in a 32-team tournament, consisting of a group stage and eliminations. Gameplay draws inspiration from both soccer and classic solitaire games to create an experience unlike any other.
  • Sauce Digital is up with Touch Soccer 3D, a first person, gesture controlled, 5-a-side football game. Played on a walled pitch, and is “the most satisfying way to score on your iPhone.” Using swipes and flicks to run, pass, shoot and tackle, the game gets as fast and frenetic as the real thing.There is also a lite version available.
  • Mac and White Mac and White today announced Soccer Tactics Multiplayer edition would be free on 17th and 18th June to celebrate the 19th World Cup. Join the league and play against anyone in the world, and compete to be the global Champion in this 3-on-3 round-based football game. Play against the device, a friend via hot-seat mode, or anyone in the world through the online matchmaking system. You can get Soccer Tactics Multiplayer from the App Store now.
  • Pro Zombie Soccer is a unique game which delivers a crazy but fun shooter experience involving two popular themes: zombies and soccer. Not only does it feature a comic-book story, Pro Zombie Soccer immerses you into the frantic, bloodthirsty world of this new superhero. To celebrate the soccer festivities, Chillingo is having a World Cup Launch Sale! For a limited time, get Pro Zombie Soccer for only 99 cents!
  • With 105 International Teams to choose from, you can play as your own country—even if they haven’t qualified for the real tournament! Simulate the real event or play out your own fantasy. Play in Captain Your Country Mode, and feel the pride and passion of representing your nation on the world’s biggest stage. Featuring all 10 fantastic stadiums and locations of the host nation, only EA SPORTS 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa captures the true atmosphere of the world’s greatest sporting event.
  • To quiet the hearts of enflamed soccer fans in a fun and constructive manner, a new iPhone game called Vuvuzaga has been released allowing players to roam a virtual world soccer stadium and take away vuvuzelas from excited fans, just in time for the World Cup games. Vuvuzaga takes players on a ride through a stadium to banish the long, noisy vuvuzela horns that South African fans love to blow during a football game.
  • Football Agent, MouseBreakers’ online game has arrived for iPhone and iPod touch (and plays awesome on your iPad). Football Agent is incredibly simple yet totally addictive. You start with 2 million to spend on buying and selling players over 200 weeks. How fast can you make your millions? Football Agent has Facebook Connect so you can post your hi-scores and show your friends. Football Agent is available now on AppStore for 59p/99c.
  • GAMEVIL has announced that their newest sports game, Soccer Superstars is now available on the App Store. The Soccer Superstars App is a full featured soccer game with five different modes; Exhibition, My League, Season Mode, Cup Mode and Dramatic Mode. Users can manage their own player’s skills, performance and attributes and also customize through the various items and events to become a superstar in My League. Gamers can also play a quick exhibition match, guide their own team to success in Season Mode, bring home a trophy in Cup Mode or relive a dramatic part of history within Dramatic Mode.
  • iPlay futsal is the only iPhone application for futsal and soccer lovers, and it’s now available for free. iPlay futsal lets users join a community of football fans to meet and play real football/futsal matches, with either 5 or 7 players to a team. When you join the community, you can create teams and choose permanent or temporary team players; arrange matches choosing match location, date, time and search for other teams to challenge; make a request to become a player of existing teams; send messages from their profile to other players (teammates and challengers); and leave messages and comments on any team’s board.
  • Four Door Lemon has announced the upcoming launch of You Are The Ref on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The You Are The Ref cult football art strip, which has been hugely popular with fans and players since 1957, features a series of awkward football refereeing decisions to challenge your knowledge of the football rules. This exciting new trivia game will bring the series to interactive platforms for the first time.


  • The MiSoccer is a uniquely styled ‘made for iPod’ docking station in the shape of a soccer ball that boasts superb audio quality. It’d be a great conversation piece and boom box for any World Cup party or gathering.
  • Soccer fans heading to South Africa this summer will be able to find their way around easily, thanks to the newly available CoPilot Live South Africa full-featured GPS navigation app. CoPilot Live provides full turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation in-car or on foot. The app stores detailed street maps of South Africa on the phone, so there’s no need to rely on the mobile network for navigation and no risk of incurring huge roaming charges for downloading maps.
  • DSstyles has announced their entire new 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa series phone cases to celebrate the first African Hosted World Cup. The biggest soccer tournament which is held each 4 years will occur in South Africa this year from the 11st of June to 11st of July. 32 teams will play for total 64 games to decide who will be the winner for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. To celebrate this cross border world sports event, DSstyles brings you the teams’ national flags on your phone case.

Of course, these are just the ones that developers bothered to tell us about. Head on over to iTunes for more World Cup apps. Oh, and go Germany!

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