iTunes Version 9.2 available via Software Update

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iTunes 9.1If you want to be running the latest and greatest, head on over to iTunes and check for updates. Apple has released iTunes version 9.2 (you know, the version after 9.1) which brings iTunes up to date with some features that will help when iOS and the iPhone 4 become available. The full release notes are as follows:

  • Improvements to make album art appear faster while you’re sifting through your library
  • The ability to sync and read iBooks on your iPod touch or iPhone (provided you upgrade to iOS)
  • The ability to organize and sync PDFs to iBooks. You’ll be able to read your PDFs right inside of iBooks
  • Faster back ups to iTunes for phones or iPods rocking iOS
  • Technical bits and pieces to allow iPhone 4 to sync with your iTunes library

However, this release also apparently helps our (poor) Windows friends out by bringing some nice changes to the MobileMe control panel. If any of these fixes were bugging you or you just want the latest software, simply click the Apple in the top right of your machine and then “Software Update,” and you’ll be on your way to iTunes 9.2 haven.

Via [MacLife]

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  • DeManogozzi

    It would be nice, if Apple would implement the ability to shuffle videos in iTunes, just like song-shuffle.

    Although it's possible to create a video-playlist, iTunes stops it after each video.

    Does anyone know the reason?

  • Bob Brown

    I updated my Windows 7 system last night, and now most of my album art will not display and I cannot add new album art or modify existing albums with new files. The application hangs quite a bit too.

    I would suggest that people wait until this all gets sorted out before upgrading to 9.2

  • kelli

    i would like itunes for my iphone

  • Rajib

    no comment i just need itune software

  • Audrieau

    My Itunes won't update to the latest. It says it has the latest (9.0) whereas the site has 10.1
    Repaired permissions. What is the problem?

    Downloading Itunes 10.1 straight from the site won't work either. I get a message
    " This software does not contain support for the system language'
    What the??
    I am running a Mac 6.4 with Snow Leopard.

  • praveen123

    appilecatison download