Free Apps Roundup for June 18th, 2010

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Free Apps Roundup for June 18th, 2010Wow, what a week for the App Store and Apple in general! Did you preorder an iPhone 4 successfully? I know I did, but I’ll still be camping out for the second line on the family plan. Thankfully, you’ll find tons of apps below. So whether you’re keeping your current iDevice, or upgrading to an iPhone 4, you’ll find plenty below to keep you occupied in a line or anywhere else.

  • Apple Store – as if you didn’t have enough temptation with Apple’s online and physical stores, now there’s even an app specially tailored for your buying pleasure. For iDevices, this is likely the easiest way to shop for Apple gear since it’s made for an iDevice, not for any old web browser. You can even preorder an iPhone 4 from here, but I’m doubting you’ll get it anytime soon. I say, download the Apple Store app and put it next to the iTunes and App Store apps you already have. Or better yet, when iOS 4 comes out, put them all in one folder! As an added bonus, as you can see above, you have yet another way to experience the Apple Store when it’s down.
  • AmpliTube FREE – take some of the greatest guitar processing available for desktop with you in your pocket. It’s not as powerful as its desktop brother, but it is a seriously powerful guitar processor. You’ll need an adapter of some sort to plug your guitar into the headphone port of your iDevice, such as IK Multimedia’s own iRig. Alternatively, if you just want to try out the app before buying the whole package, there are a few guitar loops built in that can be used to hear how the app processes a clean guitar signal. The app includes 3 of the 11 available stompboxes, along with the “Lead” guitar amp and one cabinet. It’s enough to figure out if you want to buy the full app for sure, but probably not enough to keep you rockin’. This product could very well cut down on the amount of gear you travel with, which is always a good thing.
  • Duck vs BP Free – You’re a duck trying to stay alive in a pond that’s being filled with waste. In order to stay alive, you’ll need to block pipes and avoid oil bubbles. The game also gives you some nice facts along the way so you can learn while you’re saving yourself. I love that the pipe pumps rainbows into the lake, or at least that’s what someone would like you to think, right?
  • OpenTable app for iPad – this app helps you make free reservations with one of the over 13,000 OpenTable enabled restaurants in the US, Canada and UK. The app will find restaurants that are close to you to get you started. Restaurants have cuisine details, price ranges and ratings, which all make it even easier to make the right choice. Then just enter a time and you can make your reservation for free.
  • G4 – now you can get G4 content sent straight to your iDevice. This app is already crazy popular, since it helped take down G4’s site during E3. If you love games and content about them, then you’ll likely love this app.
  • Google Earth – while by no means is this a new app, its recent iPad support update certainly is new. Now you can waste countless hours just browsing this wondrous planet we have all thanks to Google. Enjoy.
  • Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder – I could have used this app almost exactly one year ago. Somehow, I still found the perfect ring from Tiffany & Co., but it would have been fun to do it on my iPhone. Anyway, we’re happily married now. Girls just can’t resist that little blue box. However, my Katy said yes before she even saw it.
  • The Street Orchestra – basically, it’s Orchestra Hero. But the cool feature that sets this game apart from other “hero” games is that it can link up with up to 200,000 other instances of the app. Last time I checked, you’re going to need a few more Facebook friends to accomplish that feat. You can pick your instrument and then attempt to make beautiful music with thousands of your closest friends. Good luck.
  • Skate It by EA FREE – try your finger at EA’s skateboard simulating game. There’s one skate spot and access to the basic tricks. The controls are definitely what set this game apart. You’ll be swiping instead of hitting buttons. This is a great way to try out the game before you have to drop some cash.
  • Pancake Flip – Use your iDevice’s built in accelerometers to simulate cooking a pancake, but different stages have different levels of gravity. It’s a lot like something you’d expect to play on Wii. The graphics looks pretty good and the game seems simple enough to just pick up and play. Free for a limited time.
  • LightBike 2 – this is one of the most fun free games in recent memory. It’s only temporarily free though, so I’d recommend grabbing it this instant. If you’ve ever watched Tron, then you’ll know exactly what’s going on here. If you haven’t watched Tron, then you probably should. The game is pretty simple, but trust me when I say it’s very enjoyable. But I must confess, I have a special connection with Tron. I, like RAM, was an Actuarial Program. Well, actually, I still am. Anyway, enjoy this game; it’s awesome.
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