How to Make A Playlist on an iPad

Sections: iPad, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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Creating a play list on your iPad is a great way to take your music on the go without having to sync to your machine, which as you know is not always possible if you are in a location that is not sync friendly, say on a vacation or at the beach. It allows you to make decisions on the fly and create lists that will let your express you mood to the way that your day is going as it happens. Let’s look at how to make yourself a new play list on the fly.


1. Get to the home screen if you are not already there.
2. Click on the iPod application in the app.
3. Click on the + (add play list) button, which you will find on the bottom left corner of the screen.
4. Name your new play list and tap on save.
5. Tap on the small blue buttons next to the songs on the next screen to select the titles that you want in your new play list.
6. Tap done, then when the second screen pops up you can delete any songs, but if you like what you have made then just tap on done again.

Now that is all done you can enjoy your new tracks.

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