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iPhone 4 WallpaperDespite rain, high winds and tornado warnings in neighboring counties, my iPhone 4 was waiting for me on my front porch upon my return from work (thank you, neighbors, for not stealing it). I’ve been playing with it for a couple hours now, and although Appletell will have a full review within the coming days, here are my initial thoughts in the condensed, easy to digest bullet format that’s so popular with the kids these days:

  1. No screen cleaning cloth. I miss the free screen cleaner, although I’ve got over a dozen scattered around the house.
  2. The included guide is called “Finger Tips.” Funny, and it reminds of They Might Be Giants back when they were good.
  3. The included guide is not of much use, other than to list off all the things that tech geeks whined about forever that the iPhone couldn’t do, but now does (multitasking, video conference calls, HD video, cut/copy/paste, and such). So, I guess the iPhone now has pretty much everything. Oh, except for porn.
  4. The iPhone 4 is not as nice to hold as the 3G. I miss the curves.
  5. The mute and volume buttons are much harder to hit on the iPhone 4 than on the iPhone 3G.
  6. Fingerprints aren’t as obvious on the back and sides of the 4, but you’ll still want to get a case very quickly (see iPhone 4 case product announcements and iPhone 4 case product announcements, round 2).
  7. You really won’t believe the clarity of the screen until you see it. I always notice these things, my wife never does, but even she was impressed when I showed her how crisp even tiny text is.
  8. I’m used to the original 3G, so the fact that apps seem to scream along on the iPhone 4 may be tempered by the fact that I’m an update behind. Still, load times are significantly shorter, and Safari loads, scrolls and zooms zip right along.
  9. Holding the movie camera to your face and spinning in circles is tremendous fun, but I recommend either doing this sparingly or waiting until you have a sturdy case.
  10. Apple’s earbuds still suck.
  11. There are some nice wallpaper graphics included that actually make it easier to see your app icons (such as the green slate image above). Use one of these; they just work better than those pictures of your kids. You can always keep them as your lock screen graphic.
  12. Screen captures (still taken by hitting the power and home buttons simultaneously) are captured at the native 640 x 960 pixel resolution. Very nice, but you can certainly tell which of the app icons haven’t been optimized (although shrunk to the iPhone 3G resolution, compare the Bento icon to Settings to see what I mean).
  13. I have yet to have a need for multitasking.

That’ll do for now. As mentioned above, watch Appletell for our full review. In the meantime, check out Jake’s iPhone unboxing video for a better look at the future of smartphone technology.

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  • Von Oben

    Number one, no free cloth? That's number one? Really? Do you need a phone at all or do you need facial soap?

  • Kirk Hiner

    It's number one because it's the first thing I noticed when I opened the box, not because it's the most important.

    And I'm covered on soap, thanks. I still prefer the bar over those liquid dispensers that are all the rage these days.

  • Josh

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