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Provides: 500GB mobile storage
Developer: G Technology
Minimum Requirements: USB 2.0 or FireWire 800 port, Mac OSX v10.3.x or Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Price: $149.99
Availability: Now

The G Technology G-DRIVE mobile is among the best looking and better performing mobile drives currently available. Like all G Technology drives, it comes with every cable you could hope to use with it. And the fact that it comes preformatted for Mac just adds to the appeal of this mobile drive. Let’s take a more in depth look.

G-DRIVE mobile

When I first saw the G Tech G-DRIVE mobile, I assumed that it, like most other mobile hard drives, was encased in plastic. Thankfully, I was wrong. Like every other Mac accessory worth buying, it’s made mostly out of aluminum. This is good because if it’s being used as a mobile drive, you want it to be made out of something that’s not going to scratch easily when you throw it in your bag (or, worse yet, crack). The only part of the case on the G-DRIVE mobile that isn’t aluminum is the top detail with the G Technology logo. That’s fine, I don’t worry about it breaking or scratching too significantly. I’m just glad that it’s mostly metal. Great design choice!

G Drive Mobile back with ports

Like most G Technology drives, this one comes with more cables than you’re likely to know what to do with. You can connect over USB or Firewire. Both power the drive with buss power, meaning, you don’t need a power adapter or separate power source. That, along with its high space efficiency, makes it a mobile drive.

I really love that the drive comes with everything you need to get started right away. It’s formatted for Mac already, and it has all the cables you might need, so it’s ready to go. It might actually be perfect for someone who isn’t tech savvy to use as a TimeMachine backup drive. All that person would need to do is plug it in; no formatting involved. And Apple makes the process of backing up your data simple.

A quick tip: If you can use FireWire 800, you should. Not only is it faster than USB 2.0, it frees up your USB ports to be used with something else. There aren’t as many devices that use Firewire as USB, so it’s your best bet if you can.

I’m not a hard drive performance expert, but I can tell you this drive is quiet, runs without getting hot (thanks in part to the aluminum case) and is fast enough for all but the most demanding users. This is the perfect drive for photographers on the run, for storing video and movies, or even just as a stylish yet portable TimeMachine backup. Remember, the G-DRIVE mobile is designed to be used at home on the road, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be mobile. In fact, you might just prefer mobile drives because they’re smaller and don’t need power adapters.

G Drive Mobile front

When it’s running, the G Drive mobile is basically silent. The hard drive inside is very quiet, and there are no fans to be found. The only way this could get any better is if it had a solid state drive on the inside. But you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, so I think it’s a fine compromise to use regular old hard drives until solid state technology comes down in price.

You might have noticed that the G Drive mobile only comes in one capacity: 500GB. This isn’t really a problem, because it should be enough space to backup your Mac or store tons of media. The only real downside to this is that there aren’t numerous price points for capacities.

Whatever your reason is for needing an external drive, you won’t be disappointed with the G Technology G-DRIVE mobile. It’s an attractive option for users on the go, or for anyone who wants a small, stylish and power-adapter-free external hard drive. Setup is a breeze, even for the newest Mac users out there. You really can’t ask for much more when it comes to a mobile hard drive.

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  • J

    I purchased this based on the good ratings several websites have given it. I got a defective unit. I have spent the last few hours dealing with customer service reps from the company, some competent some not. So now I have a defective drive that I have to pay to ship back. I need data back up now, not 10 days from now. Only buy this is you have lots of time to spend to deal with customer service and shipping and creating "RMA" tickets. If you don't have time to waste, don't buy this piece of sht.