Appletell reviews the HyperMac 60Wh External Battery

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Provides: Extended battery life for MacBooks and iDevices
Developer: HyperMac
Minimum Requirements: MacBook, iDevice (including iPad), or other USB device
Price: $199.95
Availability: Now

Apple’s iPad gets close to 10 hours of battery life under normal usage. But what if that’s not enough? And on top of that, what if you don’t have access to a power outlet? Then there’s really only one solution: an external battery. HyperMac is here, once again, to save the day and increase your battery life with their newest external battery with iPad support.

Hypermac battery 60Wh

In the past, we’ve found HyperMac batteries to be a great solution to extended power needs for MacBooks on the go. The newest revision to the HyperMac External Battery is no exception. It has all of the same battery augmenting features as before, with one huge improvement: iPad support.

As iPad owners already know, the iPad won’t charge with any old USB port. It will charge quite slowly with the screen off, which is better than nothing, but to really charge your iPad, you need a higher powered USB port. This means that if you don’t have a recent Apple computer, you’re probably limited to the charger that Apple includes with each iPad. This also means that you can’t just rely on any available USB port to recharge with. This is great for accessory makers, since you’ll be buying a brand new DC adapter along with new cases, but it sucks for the consumer. So, if you want to increase your battery life, one of your only choices is HyperMac. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing.

HyperMac’s 60Wh external battery is just one of several that HyperMac offers. You can get the battery in three other capacities that go up in price, but I think the 60Wh at $199.95 or the 100Wh at $299.95 are the best values. The 60Wh is extremely portable since it’s very small and light. The only drawback is that it can’t charge a MacBook Pro with larger than the 13 inch screen, optimally. That’s why I also recommend the 100Wh capacity. People who need higher capacities already know who they are.

Hypermac battery side

The previous version of these batteries did not charge iPads properly. This version does. That’s pretty much the only difference. In practice, you’ll be able to recharge a nearly dead iPad slightly more than once. I recharged my iPad one and a half times, which allowed me to use it without any other power source for almost an entire week. That makes this a great accessory for iPad users who travel frequently; it’s sometimes difficult to find a power outlet in an airport, and this battery eliminates the need almost entirely.

Overall, the HyperMac external battery just can’t be beat. It’s the only battery that will charge your MacBook along with any of your iDevices. It’s like taking your wall outlet with you, while leaving the adapters behind.

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HyperMac External Battery Review

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  • RTod

    It worth $199.95. We need more time to keep our Mac working.

    for iPod and Mac Users