iAds making their way into your App Store apps

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Test advertisements for Apple's iAds

On July 1, Apple flicked the switch on their mobile advertising system: iAds. There’s already a collection of applications using iAds, including Air Hockey Gold, Tiptitude, Removem Free and many more.

TUAW is reporting a sense of excitement around the iAds platform, with many people downloading applications just to see iAds in action—an advertisers dream. I’m sure it will die down as iAds take their place within thousands of applications, and before long they’ll become as annoying as other advertisement platforms. But it’s incredible to see a mobile advertising system (even one from Apple) receive a sense of hype around it.

A few months ago, our own Bill Stiteler asked how iPhone iAds will change the app experience, in which he made quite a few valid points about how Apple will operate iAds within the App Store. Only now, as the advertisements begin to appear in the App Store, will we be able to get answers to Bill’s questions and see if iAds will produce yet another success story for Apple, or whether they’ve tried a little too much.

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