Is there another transition on the Apple roadmap?

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Objective-CObjetive-C could be a thing of the past for Apple. Well, that could be a little harsh since no programming-language-transition could be accomplished overnight, but it’s been reported—as a rumor by the Daring Fireball—that Apple could be thinking about making a radical change on the development platform, bringing a new language known as “xlang” to surpass Objective-C.

From the times of NeXT to our iOS days, Objective-C has been improved over and over, making modern versions of the Mac OS and applications look and behave as they do today.

John Siracusa says on his post over at Ars Technica, “The fate of individual competitors aside, the fact that the most dangerous players are all coming out of the gate with languages and APIs a generation ahead of what Apple offers should be a huge warning sign. And again, this is all happening in the memory-starved, CPU-constrained mobile world. On the desktop, Apple is even farther behind.”

On his weblog Waffle, Jasper from Sweden says, “After watching the eminently early and freely available WWDC 2010 session videos, I think my scales have finally tipped. It is my belief that Apple is definitely working on a new language to surpass Objective-C as their intended, primary, publicly recommended programming language, which I will call ‘xlang.’ “

Big changes will always have detractors and supporters. Apple has a lot of experience in the area, and it’s shown character to support difficult decisions in the past when they know they have something good on their hands.

Since this is not something we’ll be seeing as a reality for quite a while, I guess we have time to discuss pros and cons. Who wants to throw the first stone?

Read [Ars Technica and Waffle] via [Daring Fireball]

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