Apple to hold press event Friday regarding iPhone 4 antenna

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iphone 4 press event
Apple has announced they will hold a press conference this Friday at 10AM PST, for select members of the press. The company has been facing heavy fire for the apparent reception issues stemming from a defect in the design of the iPhone 4’s antenna. Since the problem was discovered, Apple has been relatively mum on the issue, besides an initial statement from Steve Jobs telling users to hold their devices differently, and an announced software patch (which will presumably take form in iOS 4.1) that will display bars more accurately.

Apple has taken fire from consumers and press alike, as many are unhappy with their seemingly defective product, and rightly so. We discussed the ramifications of Apple’s apparent gaffe, speculating that they would have to give away free Bumpers or recall the iPhone 4. While the former doesn’t exactly solve the problem, and the latter would be disastrous to Apple’s finances (as well as its public perception), the company will take a necessary step in explaining the situation to the press.

Check back here at Appletell at 10AM PST / 1PM EST on Friday, the 16th for coverage of the event. Hopefully, this issue can finally be laid to rest.

Via [Engadget]

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  • normanj

    Did they really say "Standard" time?

  • karl

    is it this exact linki need to goto for coverage or will another link be created when the event starts?

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