Apple offers free cases to all iPhone 4 owners

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Bumpers for iPhone 4

“We love our users,” Steve Jobs repeated quite a bit during today’s iPhone 4 press conference. It must go beyond that, because I can think of at least six people who love me, and only two of them have ever given me a free iPhone case. Yes, Apple’s not only giving away free cases to all iPhone 4 owners (and reimbursing those who already purchased one), but they’re even letting you pick the case.

The iPhone 4 press conference pretty much had two themes:

  1. We love our customers
  2. We hate the press

I imagine that’s the same with pretty much all customers, but Apple is doing something about it. Because their research has shown that the iPhone 4 reception problem (which appears in numerous phones, as they demonstrated today) can be solved by simply applying a case to the phone, they’re going to solve it by giving you a case. However, as Steve stated, “We can’t make enough bumpers. No way we can make enough in the quarter. So we’re going to source some cases and give you a choice.”

We’re not yet sure what those choices will be, but we’ll be sure to let you know once they make the announcement.

Oh, and if you’re still not happy with your iPhone 4, you can return it for a full refund and no restocking fee.

But that would just be crazy, wouldn’t it.

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  • gitta price

    I purchased my new phone the first day it came out and have the problem mentioned above. I do not want to give up my iphone but want to know how I can get the free case.
    Thank you,
    Gitta Price
    360-649-7962 cell number

  • Kirk Hiner

    Apple said they'll have the details posted on their site soon. We'll provide a link once the ordering page is up.

  • Fiver Gigs

    Thanks for sharing this news. I'll be checking your post for further announcement.

  • Robin K

    Interesting and great review on the free bumpers, I have found one company that has come out with a great product to complement the free case or bumper from Apple. They have leather cases specifically designed to fit the iPhone 4 without having to remove the silicone or rubber case. The cases look very sleek and the leather appears to be very high quality. Has anyone seen it? If not, take a look, the site is