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Angry Birds

What do you get when you mix green pigs, physics, a slingshot and a pack of pissed off birds? Angry Birds; quite possibly the single most fun and strange game you can get on the App Store for a dollar.

What is it?

Angry Birds is a quirky physics puzzle. You control a slingshot. Your ammo is a group of specialized birds, each with its own abilities. One can speed up in air, one can expload, one lays an explosive egg, one multiplies in air etc. So, what are you aiming for? Green pigs.

You’re trying to kill them.

Hold on a second, no one is tripping here, I swear.

This game might sound ridiculous in description, but the gameplay is compelling. If you’ve played Boom Blocks on Wii, you’ll be right at home with Angry Birds

Angry Birds level

What does it do?

There are really only two things you control in Angry Birds: the slingshot and the special ability of a bird. Birds jump into the slingshot willingly, so all you have to do is pull it back with your finger and aim. The challenge here is that your target is far away, so aiming can be tricky.

Angry Birds level

After you let go and the bird is launched in the air, you can tap once to activate that special ability I’ve been talking about. Timing is everything. Then just sit back and watch as the world comes tumbling down when your birds hit the structures around the pigs. Kill all the pigs and you’ve beaten the level.

Is it contagious?

Angry Birds is one of those games that sounds ridiculous in description but is tons of fun after you start playing it. Let’s be honest; destroying things is fun. This game gives you a superb combination of destruction, physics and strange animals. This game is easily worth a dollar.

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Developer: Clickgamer Technologies Ltd Rovio
Cost: $0.99
Download: Angry Birds (also available, Angry Birds Lite and Angry Birds HD)

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