How to create a new Mac OS X Dock Stack

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Stacks are a really handy way for you to access everything you want on your Mac without having to navigate though your hard drive. By helping you to quickly get to the files you regularly use, stacks can make your school or work life much simpler. They’re also very easy to set up and organize. Just follow these instructions and you will have a custom stack in no time.

Mac OS X Dock Stacks
  1. Make a folder somewhere in the Finder. This is done by clicking File in the menu bar, then selecting New Folder, for those of you who are new to the platform.
  2. Drag everything you want to that folder. This can include documents, videos and applications to which you want quick access. Note that if you select a document from your stack, it will open the appropriate program to view it.
  3. Drag your folder to the Dock. Just be sure to stay on the right hand side of the walkway.

You now have a new stack on your dock. If you right click on its icon, you can adjust certain behavior items, such as how it’s displayed and viewed.

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  • Andrew

    Yeah, good tip, Katie. I had no idea I could do that: when I got my Mac, I just turned it on and went straight to Safari for porn and political opinion forums. Wait, this thing has a mouse? Holy crap!

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but seriously: aren't these sorts of articles supposed to teach users a bit more about the things they use on a semi-regular basis? Maybe the next article should be about how to change your desktop background or switch from the Aqua to the Graphite look. Who's with me?

  • Kate


    While I can appreciate your point of view you have to bear in mind that not every tutorial is for every user. There is no reason to exclude the newbies, who need help with things that seem simple to more advanced user. Think about it. This week, and the next three or so, a whole bunch of newly minted Mac users will come into this world, and right into their dorms and these are the kind of questions they might be asking in those first few days with the system.


  • Kirk Hiner

    As Kate's editor in chief, I'll also step in to say I've specifically requested how-to articles such as this. These are exactly the type of things my mother calls me to ask about when using her Mac mini, or thinks is fantastic when I show her she can do it.

    There are many users out there at many levels, and we'll continue to aim our articles at all skill levels. I'm certain you'll find something of use soon enough.

  • ADVC55

    Thanks for the tip. I am in my final year of research and find this extremely useful to collect all the different docs and files that I work with under one folder. It saves me quite a few clicks everyday.

  • Budd

    My dad decided to graduate from a typewriter last Fall. Knowing I would be the 24*7 free tech support, I got him a Mac. He hates to read manuals or listen to detailed explanations about how/why things work.
    Quick, basic & simple articles like this fit his ADD-like attention span.
    I also share these articles with my fellow teachers, who are traumatized by our uncertified, semi-professional, IBM bigot, IT department. They are quickly converting to Mac enthusiasts and demanding our IT expand their horizons beyond M$.

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