How to share your iCal with select users on Mobile Me

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So, you want to share your calendar with someone. Maybe its with your friends to coordinate your social life. Maybe you want to set up a family vacation with your siblings who live across the country. Maybe you want to schedule a secret trist with your lover. No matter what the occasion happens to be, you can share our iCal calendars over Mobile Me with these simple instructions. All you need to do is be on the family pack.

  1. Turn off calendar syncing (System preferences -> Mobile Me -> Sync).
  2. Open iCal.
  3. Choose calendar -> publish -> publish on a private server.
  4. Put in your user name and calendar name.
  5. Publish and note the URL.
  6. Send the URL to your fellow family pack subscriber, who can just enter his/her user name and password.
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  • Stuck

    Sounds cool, but if you turn off mobile me syncing, how will your iphone and mac calendars stay synced?