iPhone Appidemic: Wall Street Images’ Maptool X

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Maptool X Screenshot

Maptool X is an application that&#151instead of helping you navigate the world—helps you navigate the stock market. Using differently sized buildings on a visual map, it’s meant to help analyze your investments.

What is it?

Maptool X doesn’t rely on charts and graphs to indicate investment performance. Instead, it lays out companies in a particular category as territories on an older style map.

How does it work?

When you launch Maptool X, you can either watch a tutorial or begin mapping right away. To map, you must pick the stock sector followed by the sub industry. This can help when you like investing in a particular field in which you may know the companies. If you simply want to see a certain stock in which you’re interested, you can search for their ticker label as well. Lastly, by tapping on them, the application can show you more detailed information about companies and their stocks.

Is it contagious?

At $20, it seems a little pricey. However, for those people who enjoy investing and analyzing their stocks in different ways that may be easier for them, it could be worth it. It is actually sort of fun to see the most highly traded companies tower over their competitors on a Darwinian map.

Category: Finance
Developer: Wall Street Images, LLC
Cost: $19.99
Download: Maptool X

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