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See This! IconCategory: Camera
Seller: Boinx
Requirements: iOS 4.0 or later
Compatibility: iPhone 4
File Size: 11.1MB
Version Reviewed: 1.0
Price: $1.99
Age Rating: 4+

You Gotta See This! from Boinx software is a camera application that takes advantage of the gyroscope in the iPhone 4. It’s main purpose it to create different sorts of virtual collages by snapping a series of pictures in a scene and then placing them around each other.

The overall interface of the application is quite simple. When first launched, the main screen will simply be whatever your camera sees. A “?” button in the bottom left serves as an easy-to-use tutorial, and a gear button in the bottom right allows you to change settings such as whether to use the flash, which camera to use, and how to focus. The main button, a camera in the middle, is used to start and stop the image taking process.

See This! Instructions

Once you start the process, you are supposed to slowly move your phone across whatever it is you want to show someone. I’ve found that it works best if you sweep slowly across a landscape or something horizontal. The app has built-in features such as a changing border color to let you know if you may be moving too fast. Once the process is done, you are brought to an interface (like the one in the image below) that allows you to view your creation in six different ways. These include Light Table Collage, Polaroid Stone, Dark Table Collage, Vintage Fabric, Magic Light, and Wall of Tiles.

Some of these collages work much better than others. For instance, I found both the Light and Dark Table Collages to be sort of nifty, while the Wall of Tiles doesn’t work very well in terms of a collage. Perhaps certain templates work better based on how you sweep the iPhone across your area.

See This! Collage

Overall, this application can be noted as neat but not necessarily one of the best camera apps I’ve seen. You can tell this app is a version 1.0 application as it doesn’t seem quite fully baked yet. I was presented with some strange situations—the button used to start recording would sometimes not register my tap, and the interface for recording itself occasionally changed in terms of how the camera image is displayed. That said, these issues were mostly fixed by closing the app fully, as instructed at Boinx’s support page.

Furthermore, the interface overall appeared to be somewhat slow at times.

In summary, it’s a cool idea, but this could definitely use some more testing and refinement to get it to a stage where it’s worth the small purchase.

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