Best Buy to offer invisibleSHIELD 4fix for free to iPhone 4 users?

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Best Buy 4fix offerHaving serious problems with your iPhone 4’s reception related to the death grip maneuver? If so, Best Buy and invisibleSHIELD would like to help. It’s not cold hard fact yet, but there are some pretty convincing images floating around that show they’re teaming up to offer the invisibleSHIELD 4fix free to any iPhone 4 user, regardless of where you purchased it.

I know, you’re saying there has to be some kind of catch. Sorry, no catch here. Unless you were thinking that you were going to get a full screen protector for free. Nope, the 4fix covers the antennae of your reception-impaired iPhone 4. This might be better that Apple’s free case program for some users, since this solution is about as thin as possible. Typical invisibleSHIELD protectors cover all sides of the iPhone 4. And if the full invisibleSHIELD product is similar to the XO Skin protector for iPhone 4 (and I think it is), then it’s likely worth what it costs. While the 4fix won’t protect your screen, it should alleviate most problems that some users report having with the exposed antennae of the iPhone 4. I’m betting most people won’t bother dropping by Best Buy for their free 4fix since I believe the reception issue isn’t as big a deal as some are making it out to be.

Remember, this isn’t official yet, but Engadget says they have numerous tipsters saying it’s true. So, before you make a special trip to Best Buy, give them a call. Or just wait for the official announcement.

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    I would say for myself it's better to get a more expensive free case and keep it or sell it. If you purchase the Side strips it's only 10 bucks. A new case for the iPhone that Apple gives out cost more. I would take up on this offer if they gave to the front and back and sides, because to can buy the Maximum protection shield from Zagg for $25, not to mention all the 40&50;% codes floating around right now. You could get from Zagg right now a Front, Back, Sides for only $12.50 with one of the many 50% off codes. I have a few extra 40% off codes if interested, just follow me on Twitter @MODiFiEDZ and send me a message.