iPhone Appidemic: Skelanimals Dance Party

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Skelanimals Dance Party

So, Skelanimals is a thing, I guess? I went to their website, and there’s a picture of some girl from some TV show with Skelanimals on the butt of her pants. I’m thinking, “Man, what an odd iPhone app promotion, but it’d be funnier if she had Maps or Compass sewn on there.” Then I realized that Skelanimals is a fashion/toy line of some sort, and is now an iPhone rhythm game. I’ve got no thought on Skelanimals branded pants, but as far as rhythm games go, the iPhone app is not too bad.

What is it?

Whether you’re into Skelanimals really won’t affect your opinion of this game all that much. Their characters do appear (you can unlock multiple skelanimals and their “unique dance moves”), but it’s all just dressing on top of basic screen tap and slide gameplay. However, don’t get the idea this is another Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Tap Tap; your musical choices are limited by comparison, but the gameplay is quite a bit more unique.

How does it work?

Instead of tapping the bottom of the screen as the notes drop, you tap multiple points on the screen as a line sweeps over buttons in a clockwise manner. Some you tap, some you hold, some you hold and tap, etc. The better your accuracy and timing, the better your score.

Skelanimals Dance Party

As you do well, you’ll unlock new songs and characters. This is not my style of music (The Secret Handshake? The Maine? Sparks the Rescue?), but I imagine if you’re into dance tracks, this will work for you. Regardless, the music is a good fit for the graphics and gameplay. Party play and multiple skill levels are available, and you can share your scores online.

Is it contagious?

Skelanimals Dance Party is very upbeat and a little charming (I can understand the appeal of undead teddy bears, I suppose). You’d have to like the music to enjoy the game, though, as there are currently only 10 tracks from bands who pretty much all sound the same (variety isn’t a strongpoint of dance music after all). It’s a good way to kill some time while you’re waiting to get into your favorite club…provided the line’s not that long.

Category: Rhythm games
Developer: Flying Penguin
Cost: $0.99
Download: Skelanimals Dance Party

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