Babel Rising for iPhone and iPod touch free today only

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Babel RisingBecause we love our customers readers, we decided to not hold this one until we run the daily iDevice news roundup. Why? Because we want to give you as much time as possible to download BabelRising for the iPhone and iPod touch…for free. It’s free for today only courtesy of the good folks at, but you need only visit the iTunes App Store to get your free copy. So do it. It’s a good game.

In BABEL RISING, you are God! And from the heights of sky, you see that men are agitating themselves… and building a tower. A tower? To climb up to your heights? How arrogant and impudent they are… Time has come to teach your creatures how small they are and how great you are! You will have to use of all your divine spells, and to prevent them from building the tower.

I really have nothing else to add. Just go get it.

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