Rumor: iPod touch to gain Retina Display, dual cameras

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A mock-up of an iPod touch with cameraDaring Fireball’s very own John Gruber has mentioned a little something in a recent article. Nothing big, just the apparent features coming to the new iPod touch in “a few weeks.” The updates he mentioned are very realistic, and if found to be true later this month, would bring the iPod touch up to spec with the iPhone 4.

The iPod touch would gain the latest touch-screen from Apple—the Retina Display—as well as not one, but two cameras. It’s likely safe to assume the main camera will be 5MP and able to record HD-quality movies to edit on the fly with iMovie. The second camera will find its main use with FaceTime using e-mail to initiate calls, as hinted in the third beta of iOS 4.1. John Gruber doesn’t mention this in his article, but I would also imagine the iPod touch will gain Apple’s own A4 processor that’s already in the iPhone 4 and iPad, just to bring it up to speed.

There’s nothing shocking here. If Apple is going to update the iPod touch later this month—and it’s highly likely they will—these are the updates I’m sure we would all expect to see.

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