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Navigon 3D

One year ago today, Navigon’s Mobile Navigator debuted on the App Store. It’s arguably the best turn by turn guidance app available, and the one that I consistently recommend. It’s even easier to recommend it when they do something awesome like slash their prices by half across the board. That’s right, you can get any of Navigon’s Mobile Navigator apps or add-ins for half off until August 15th.

Here are some of the most popular items on sale:

  • MobileNavigator North America (US and Canada) – $39.99
  • MobileNavigator USA – $24.99
  • MobileNavigator Canada – $29.99
  • MobileNavigator US MyRegion – $14.99 ($11.99 for additional regions
  • Traffic Live – $12.99
  • Panorama View 3D – $4.99

Navigon has one heck of an app in Mobile Navigator. The base app has a superb interface and a decent POI database that is supplemented by Google and gives you top notch guidance. There are tons of features built in, and if that’s not enough, you can even buy some more. Traffic Live is one such update that allows iPhone users to get real time traffic updates, also giving you better directions around congestion. And then there’s Panorama View 3D, which makes mountains out of molehills. Well, actually, it makes the mountains look like mountains on the map. Not as useful as Traffic Live, but definitely fun.

There are different versions for most countries. If you live in the US, then you have even more choices: USA and Canada, USA only and MyRegions. MyRegions is even cheaper since it splits up the US into 3 regions and allows you to purchase only the ones you’ll need.

If you’re looking for—or think you might eventually use—a GPS guidance app on your iPhone (or iPod touch with 3rd party GPS enabling cradle) then stop looking and buy one of the many flavors of Mobile Navigator. If you already have Mobile Navigator, then you might consider buying some add-ins. Traffic Live is almost a must have add-in for iPhone users. It makes the app useful even when you’re in your hometown. You can’t always predict traffic, but the traffic data doesn’t lie. It’s routed me around congestion numerous times. Panorama View 3D is definitely not necessary, but at half off, it still might be fun to have.

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