Peavey AmpKit and AmpKit+ now rocking on the App Store

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Peavey AmpKit+Peavey’s AmpKit and AmpKit+ are now available on the App Store. Both apps are guitar processing and modeling apps based on Peavey and other popular gear. The apps allow for use of a dozen or more effects at the same time, and can even record your wet and dry guitar signal to support re-amping should you later find a more appropriate setup.

AmpKit is a product of both Peavey and Agile. The app has a number of really attractive features that make it even more appealing than other products currently available, such as AmpliTube for iPhone. For instance, this app can record your playing both wet and dry at the same time. That means you can hear yourself playing with distortion or other effects, but retain the original guitar source material. This is useful if you think you might change your setup at some point but may not want to rerecord a part. Basically, it gives you the flexibility to tweak your sound in post.

The apps also claim to be able to handle a dozen or more effects at the same time. That’s crazy talk when you compare it to other apps that allow somewhere between two and four at the same time. It will be truly interesting to see just how well the apps handle with 12 effects active at the same time.

And lastly, if you’re seeking better distortion than is currently available on the App Store, this might finally be the answer. AmpKit+ claims to have “support for true high-gain operation of amps and pedals, not watered-down substitutes.” And after using most of the options available currently, I can say I’m very interested in hearing just what AmpKit+ can do. I’ve yet to find a truly satisfying high-gain sound with any of the apps I’ve tested out to date.

AmpKit is the free version of this app that comes with a generous amount of gear. You can add to that setup via in app purchases, or you can just buy the whole thing at once by downloading AmpKit+ for $19.99. You can find out even more at the Agile website for AmpKit. And while you’re there, you can check out Peavey’s upcoming AmpLink guitar input for iDevices. You’ll need it, or another similar product like iRig or the Griffin GuitarConnect cable to get much use out of AmpKit.

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