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Fans of old school RPGs will certainly be glad to know that one of the best of all time has finally made it as a native iPhone game. Phantasy Star II is perfectly emulated from its Sega Genesis roots, offering classic role-playing gaming, turn-based battles, magic and weapon menus, and the usual get-rid-of-the-enemy-while-staying-alive storyline. This game is for hardcore RPG players who still appreciate the classic 2D sprite graphics despite the many advancements in gaming graphics that the iPhone and iPad offer.

Phantasy Star II

What is it?

Like I said, Phantasy Star II is a turn-based role-playing in which you command a primary character (with a little help from his friends) to get rid of the evil nemesis that threatens to conquer the world. The game lets you build your characters and upgrade weapons and armors, battle more than 100 bio-monsters and mechanical creatures, and explore 9 towns and 19 dungeons to learn new abilities as well as discover new items and techniques you can use during battles.

How does it work

Playing the game is pretty simple. During battle, you have the usual option of attacking your enemy and healing your characters using various items.

Phantasy Star II

In the exploration phase, you use touch and swipe to move your character from one place to another. Now, since this is Sega Genesis emulation of the original Phantasy Star II game, be patient with the controls as they may not be as responsive as other games built for the iPhone. But, since this is old school RPG, there’s really no need to be in a hurry. The beauty of an RPG is that you can play it at your own casual pace. So, the slow phase of the game will not bore you.

Is it contagious?

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of old school RPGs. I belong to the generation that started during the Final Fantasy 7 days in the old Playstation 1 console, which had graphics that are far more advanced than those of Phantasy Star II. But after playing Final Fantasy Tactics for weeks and finishing the game a couple of times, I decided to look for old school RPGs. That’s when I began to appreciate this type of game, and Phantasy Star II was one of them.

But that was a couple of years ago. Did I still enjoy Phantasy Star II? Well, yes, of course. It’s a great respite from the slew of new iPhone games I’ve playing. Would it be contagious for you? If you are a big fan of old school RPGs, then yes. If you’re not, but you are willing to spend $2.99 to try a new gaming experience on your iPhone, you might find this game addictive.

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Developer: Sega America
Cost: $2.99
Download: Phantasy Star II

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  • RFMP

    I am an old school gamer. This is one of the greatest RPGs ever made! I love the gameplay and the difficulty level. Here, you won’t have to wzit for a Boss to see the Game Over screen…