Apple introduces the new iPod nano with multi-touch screen

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iPod nano

Apple’s newest iPod nano is anything but the same. Gone is the old, tall design. The new iPod nano is very square, but it’s hip to be square, right? Gone are the buttons, too. But that doesn’t mean compromises have been made. The new iPod nano supports multitouch, genius mixes, Nike+, FM radio and even has a clip to keep it right where you want it. What more could you want?

The new iPod nano is seriously awesome. It’s the answer to the consumer that just hates the idea of an MP3 player without a screen, but still wants it to be tiny. This guy has a small, but presumably still usable, 1.54 inch multitouch screen (just as rumored). The interface is very similar to that of an iPod touch or iPhone, just a lot smaller. It doesn’t look like Apple will be allowing third party applications on this iPod, but you never know what’s coming down the road. There are a number of icons you can tap to access specifics like playlists, FM radio, Genius mixes etc. These icons can even be rearanged.

New iPod nano

The screen’s orientation can be changed simply by twisting on screen with two fingers. That’ll be useful when you clip it to your clothes and want to change songs or settings without unclipping it. And while there’s an accellerometer in the iPod nano, you wouldn’t want that controlling your screen’s orientation while you’re running, so good job Apple. I like it. The accellerometer is useful for shuffling songs; just give your iPod nano a shake and you’ll be shuffling away. Hopefully it can tell the difference between a good shake and a good jog.

The clickwheel might be absent, but not all of the buttons are gone. There’s still a Sleep/Wake button along with volume up and down buttons. That’s it, though. That means you’ll have to do your fast-forwarding with the multitouch screen or with headphone controls. This also means that you might want to pick up a third party cable-control adapter to make controlling playback easy, but still allow you to use headphones other than the standard Apple control headphones. This all assumes that the headphones included do, in fact, have controls, as I haven’t actually be able to confirm this. Though they are listed as an accessory, so they will work even if you have to steal a pair from an iPod shuffle or other iPod.

One of the many reasons why you’d want an iPod nano over a shuffle is the FM radio with Live Pause. With it, you listen to radio when your tunes get repetitive and even pause live radio to do something else, then come back and continue listening right where you left off. Pretty nifty.

But wait, there’s more. Not only does the iPod nano support Nike+ with the necessary foot sensor, it also doubles as a pedometer without it. That makes it perfect for walkers and runners. Just clip it on and you’re ready to work out. The Nike+ app keeps track of everything. I’m thinking about ditching my iPod shuffle as we speak…

iPod nano

You have eight choices of colors: grey, charcoal, blue, green, orange, pink and (Product) Red. And finally, you have two size capacities: 8GB for $149 and 16GB for $179. That 16GB model is going to be awfully tempting since it’s only an extra $30 for double the capacity of the base model. It should be available in an Apple Store next week, or you can buy one now online and have it ship out next week.

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