Apple announces iTunes 10, available now

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iTunes 10

At today’s media event, Apple announced iTunes, featuring the Ping social music network. Like FaceBook, Ping allows you to post and share your musical preferences (audio and video) with either a circle of friends or with anyone who cares to follow you. You can share this information on your Mac, iPhone or iPod touch via app. In addition, the interface has been cleaned up even further.

You can use Ping to track your friends, favorite artists and such to see what they’re listening to and watching via a Facebook-like interface. Of course, iTunes previews are built in. Add your favorite artists, and you can also get helpful information such as concert announcements.

  • Follow your favorite artists with a click and become part of their inner circle.
  • Get in on the action with artist photos and status updates. Even add comments to join the conversation.
  • Find out what music an artist likes and pick up a few recommendations.
  • Ping is built into the iTunes app on iPhone and iPod touch. So you can see artist updates from anywhere.
  • See what kind of music your friends and friends-to-be are into. Then follow them with a click.
  • Find out what music other fans are listening to lately. Click on any album to learn more.
  • See when artists are playing near you and see who else will be in the audience, too. Then click to buy tickets from Live Nation.
  • Check out who your friends are following and who’s following them right back.
  • See what your friends are listening to, who they’re talking about, and what your favorite artists are up to—all on one page.
  • Listen to 30-second previews of songs your friends recommend. Like what you hear? Download it with a click.
  • Find even more music fans with a quick search, by sending email invites, or by connecting to your Facebook account.
  • Top Charts tell you what the people you follow are listening to.
iTunes 10

iTunes 10, new icon and all, is available now at

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  • ndahlem

    It's not live yet!

  • Bob

    It is now. Yippee!

  • slurm

    Ping looks awkward… It seems that you have to use the same name associated with your bill for your account???