Twitter announces Twitter for iPad

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Tweetie for iPad

Most people wouldn’t dare announce anything of importance on the same day Apple hosts a press event. Twitter is not most people. In a late night update on their company blog, Twitter announced that Twitter for iOS will now support an interface for the iPad. In their post, Twitter tours a few overall themes in the app such as panes, gestures, and media support that all make it second to none.

Basically, the Twitter iPad app was built in such a way that the information shared in tweets—whether it be a video, image, or website—is more easily discovered and viewed from within the app itself. On top of this way of displaying data are some pretty awesome ways of getting to that data. For instance, a two finger pull down on a tweet will show the conversation. Pretty neat, ‘ey?

Grab iTunes 10, then get the app if you don’t already have the iPhone version (it’s all in one binary).

Via [Twitter Blog]

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