Nintendo (kind of) responds to Apple

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Apple iPod self-proclaimed most popular portable gaming device in the worldAt Apple’s September 1st media event, Steve Jobs claimed that the iPod touch is the world’s most popular portable game player. They echoed this comment in their subsequent press release about the new iPod touch, as well as on the iPod touch website. But how true is this claim? The investigative journalists at took that question to Nintendo themselves, and got an answer almost as enigmatic as Apple’s initial claim.

[The iPod touch is “…the world’s most popular portable game player” is] a very bold claim considering that Nintendo (according to Engadget) announced the DS line (DS, DS Lite, DSi and XL) had sold around 129 million units as of May 2010.

Apple rarely gives out specific sales numbers, instead combining the iPhone and iPod Touch together in statistics as “iPhone OS devices.” Based on a few reports and statements (and extrapolation by ZDNet) we assume that, as of May 2010, Apple had sold 25 to 30 million iPod Touches.

I reached out to Nintendo for an official response to Apple’s claims.

Head on over to to read Nintendo’s response.

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