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Pocket AmpThe App Store is rapidly gaining guitar processing apps such AmpliTube and AmpKit, but maybe their numerous effects and amp models don’t appeal to you. Perhaps your tastes are more simple. Maybe you can rock out with just a single amp and its built-in effects. If that’s the case, why spend more when you can get all you need with PocketAmp?

What is it?

PocketAmp is just what it sounds like, an app that simulates an amplifier with some basic built-in effects. It’s different from something such as AmpliTube or AmpKit in that it doesn’t model a specific physical amplifier and cabinet combination. Instead, it just gives you all the basic controls to modify the sound of your guitar.

How does it work?

Like other guitar processing apps, you’ll need a method for plugging your guitar into your iDevice. PoketLabworks does not offer its own connection product, but there are numerous solutions available elsewhere, like the iRig, the Griffin GuitarConnect cable, and the AmpLink.

Once you’re patched in, you have numerous pages with sliders on them to adjust settings. The first page is where you’ll find your amp style—Clean, Blues, Rock or Metal—and its controls—Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass and Volume. These are the most basic controls available on any amp.

Pocket Amp EffectsThe next page is Echo. This is where you can adjust delay, reverb and echo. You can tap out the delay for your echo and even control some simulated feedback here too.

The next page is FX. Here you have access to a single effect; that means no layering of effects to produce complicated sounds. You can choose from Chorus, Flanger, Rotary or Tremolo. The settings involved are Rate, Depth, Width, Noise Gate and Attack. The noise gate is really useful for taming your input method, since it may have some static or background noise that you likely don’t want to hear.

Is it contagious?

Since the price of admission here is pretty low, and since it’s universal, I want to say yes. The app is simple and effective. While you won’t have access to extensive effect or amp model libraries, you have enough versatility to get good tone. The presets included are good and it’s easy to dial in most basic sounds. At the same time, the advantage of a guitar processor is it’s versatility. There isn’t a whole lot of that available here. PocketAmp is a great app if all you want are basic guitar sounds, but you won’t be doing anything complicated. It’s worth exactly what it costs. If you’re willing to pay more, you’ll get more elsewhere.

Category: Music
Developer: PocketLabworks
Cost: $2.99
Download: PocketAmp

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