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App Store Instant

You’ve no doubt noticed that Google recently switched on their instant searching feature to the Google homepage. It’s so cool that it’s almost compelling me to start searching from instead of the Firefox search bar. If you’re equally intrigued by this idea, then I’m certain you’ll enjoy App Store Instant from App of the Day.

It works just like Google’s instant search bar. Just start typing and it starts searching. It’s really quite slick. It even formats results in a very pretty way. I’m impressed.

Now before you go saying, why the heck do I need search results instantly, let me explain. One of the reasons that you might prefer this kind of search interface is that you can continue to refine the search by typing more words if a general search isn’t getting you the results you want. You might also just hate hitting return; I know I do.

App Store Instant won’t be replacing the iTunes search bar for me anytime soon, but it sure is fun. Give it a try at

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