iAd platform chases Google for mobile ad market share

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Mobile Ad Market share

According to estimates from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Apple is poised to hold a nicely sized 21% of the mobile ad market share by the end of the year. If this estimate turns out accurate, Apple would be right up there with Google as one of the top two players in this space. While Google purchased AdMob as part of their initiative to own the mobile ad marketplace, Apple’s somewhat recently announced iAd platform has caught steam quickly.

With so many mobile devices being sold by Apple, it’s no surprise the iAd platform they run on their iPads, iPod touches, and iPhones is becoming popular for advertisers. Sure, mobile ads existed in iOS applications before the iAd platform was announced, but Apple added that extra spark to the ads to make them more engaging. As more iOS devices are sold by Apple and more applications are bought, this estimate will become a reality.

Read [BusinesWeek] Via [Fortune]

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