Halloween apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [updated]

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Halloween apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPadHalloween is upon us once again, affording men the opportunity to dress up like police officers, vampires and pirates, and affording the women the opportunity to dress up like sexy police officers, sexy vampires and sexy pirates. It also affords app developers the chance to release their new Halloween apps, or at least modify them with a Halloween theme. There will be many, so we’ll round them up here to help iDevice owners get ready for the sexiest…I mean scariest holiday of the year.


  • NewiSoundGrid Halloween for iPad from developer Mobz Technologies will help you create the perfect haunted house ambience on All Hallow’s Eve. With 10 ambient sounds and 40 different audio effects, you’ll be able to create a spooky mix of sounds sure to unnerve your Halloween visitors. Three play styles let you control the way sound effects are played while slider bars allow you to adjust the pitch and gain.
  • Appdicted, LLC, has released Ghosted 1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Ghosted gives people a way to add realistic looking ghost images to their photos. The app offers over 50 spirit and ghost images along with the ability to change the transparency levels of the ghosts, enabling them to really blend into the photo. Ghosted helps create frightening pictures that can be used to prank your friends and family.
  • Appdicted, LLC, has released Scarfaced 1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. A newly updated product, Scarfaced gives people a way to add realistic scars, cuts and bruises to their photos. The app offers over 50 realistic injury images along with the ability to change the transparency levels of the wounds, which enables the injuries to really blend into the photo. Scarfaced helps create scary injury pictures that can be used to prank your friends and family.
  • Just in time for Halloween, Go Forth Apps has released Scary Clown Booth 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Scary Clown Booth allows users to transform themselves into realistic creepy clowns using the iPhone camera or photos from their albums. These are no happy clowns, they are terrifying, ghoulish clowns right out of a child’s worst nightmare. Scary Clown Booth uses unique technology to apply ultra realistic face paint on an individual in a photo.
  • Electric Pocket has released SpookyTones 1.0, a Halloween version of its MailTones app. SpookyTones gives iPhone users a collection of distinctive Halloween email alert sounds. Rather than the bland default email alert tone, iPhone users can now pick a new email tone from the scary tones included in SpookyTones. From cackles to thumps and bumps, SpookyTones will let you know when you’ve got mail and who it’s from.
  • iSmip is perfect for every situation: Halloween parties, memorable moments in your life or a best friend’s birthday. You can integrate names, funny symbols and text styles in your own photos or choose one of 29 motifs out of 6 different categories, for example: party, love or sport. Send personalized greetings or pics of Halloween to your friends and relatives. Teach them to shudder.
  • The best-selling iPhone app, 100 Horror Stories, Sounds, and Scares, just got even more haunting. In honor of Halloween, 288 Vroom updated this iPhone treat with more tricks and 20 new sounds that will have you crying for your mommy. Scare your friends and yourself silly with the greatest horror and ghost stories of all time, hilarious pranks, and the app’s awesome ‘Auto-scare’. Make Halloween extra scary and fun with 100 Horror Stories, Sounds, and Scares!
  • Make gruesome victims of your friends and co-workers this Halloween with Monstermakr for iPhone.
  • Appdicted, LLC today released Monster Meter 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Monster Meter gives parents a way to prove to young children that there are no monsters hiding in their room. The app offers four different monster detection technologies, including two realistic scanner displays and two meters to impress little ones with the reliability of the application. Monster Meter helps frightened children to feel safe and sleep easier.
  • Available now on the App Store are the classic Dr. Seuss short-story What was I Scared of? and one of the all-time best selling children’s Halloween books, The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin. Your little witches and goblins will be learning to read while being entertained this Halloween season. These apps provide educational value to children in the form of fun, interactive experiences for play and learning.
  • Underplot Apps has announced Pimpy 1.6 for iOS. Pimpy, the iPhone app for fun photo decoration, is coming up with a great update for Halloween. Three brand new packs offer over 90 cool Halloween stamps with the update. Pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, scary stuff and a lot of blood, all original and drawn in a way that fits easily and realistic to any photo. With the Halloween edition a photo contest is opened. The contest starts on October 15th and will end on November 7th.
  • There’s a new voice for Halloween and this one bellows from the deep internals of the iPhone. Devil Voice 1.0 is a new real-time voice changing app perfect for Halloween. You control the pitch of your voice by sliding an arrow to the left and right to bellow like a devil or cackle like a witch. Devil Voice features “Real-time” manipulation of your voice, with microphone gain adjustment. Users can easily sync their recordings in iTunes, as well as email recordings to friends and family.
  • Access has announced a new mobile app called Decoretta which is available immediately on the App Store for $.99,. There is also a free version available, Decoretta Lite. Decoretta is perfect for sending out party invitations, event reminders or even just a friendly “Hello.” The app isn’t just for Halloween, it updates after every holiday so you can send greetings year-round from your iPhone for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more.
  • Electric Pocket has released SpookyTones, a Halloween version of its MailTones app. SpookyTones gives iPhone users a collection of distinctive Halloween email alert sounds. Rather than the bland default email alert tone, iPhone users can now pick a new email tone from the scary tones included in SpookyTones. From cackles to thumps and bumps, SpookyTones will let you know when you’ve got mail and who it’s from. Not only can you set special SpookyTones for your most gruesome contacts, you can set your enemies to silent so you never are bothered with alerts when you get emails from them.
  • SKH Apps has announced FrightBox 1.0, its frightening new app for iOS. This unique iPhone app is sure to scare. FrightBox combines dark, gloomy visuals, a slew of eerie sound effects and two chilling features: Possessed mode and FrightCall. The phone continues to ring displaying the caller’s name as ‘devil’. Once answered, unnerving voices come through from the earpiece. The FrightCall effect is extremely realistic and sure to surprise unsuspecting victims.
  • Kiboomu, an award-winning children’s music and mobile app company, has released their latest album: Halloween With the Kiboomers. Halloween With the Kiboomers is a spine-tingling radio play. The tale revolves around the Kiboomers, a family of four, on a tour of a haunted house on Halloween. Young listeners will be on the edge of their seats as they follow the family on their creepy Halloween adventure!
  • Imagine the response someone could get after posting a photo of them with a horrible looking, swollen closed black eye, a large bruise covering the side their face and a deep cut running across their forehead. The realistic looking damage is bound to get some attention. With Halloween fast approaching Appdicted also wanted you to have some fun creating photos to just creep out your friends. Have a friend that may talk a little too much? Scarfaced allows you to virtually sew their mouth shut, give them a black eye and carve a lightning bolt into their forehead.
  • Mobz technologies has announced their new Halloween contest. Join our contest and win a gift card for the iTunes store. Download our Free Halloween App, drop your email by subscribing to our mail list and of course enjoy all the 16 scary sounds that we provide you through the free iSoundGrid Halloween player for iPhone. iSoundGrid Halloween for iPhone and iPad will help you create the perfect haunted house ambience on All Hallow’s Eve.
  • The Halloween Scream Machine is a super-creepy, multi-function sound app designed for spooking your friends, recording your own scary sounds and creating the perfect eerie atmosphere for your Halloween party.
  • Riptide Games has announced iAmZombie 1.3.2 for iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices. iAmZombie allows users to transform the people in their photos into hordes of undead. Users with an iPhone can take a new photo directly from within the app, and all users can choose existing photos already in the camera roll or photo library on their device. iAmZombie is optimized for the retina display and front camera, though it works on all iOS based devices.
  • Go Forth Apps has announced I Am Vampire 1.2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I Am Vampire allows users to transform themselves into a realistic “Twilight-style” Vampire using the iPhone camera or photos from their albums. In celebration of 100,000 downloads, new features have been added to this version including rotatable fangs, fang lighten/darken effects to match photo, and an undo button for removing misplaced sparkle.
  • i-Itch, Inc. has announced Let’s Bead Friends 2.0, update to their hit app for iOS. Let’s Bead Friends allows users to create virtual friendship bracelets. Added are new bead shapes and Halloween themed designs that will enable you to make fun, spooky, festive bracelets to send to family and friends with a personalized greeting tag. This updated version includes, candy corn, skull & crossbones, bats, spider webs and fun jack-o-lantern and ghost faces.


  • New – Imaginatr has set all of their successful Cubimon puzzle series titles for free this Halloween. Designed especially for the iPhone and iPad, Cubimon and Cubimon HD are simple and funny puzzle games. The game consists of a moving square matrix and you need to align elements with the same color together to clear space. If you are not quick enough and run out of space you loose the game. If you like challenging, speed combination puzzle games, you will enjoy Cubimon.
  • New – Full Fat Games has released Zombie Flick 2.0, an Halloween update to their killer of a game for iOS. With no food or guns to hand, it’s down to you as lone survivor to make the dead masses feel the pain. Zombie Flick already offers dozens of unusual weapons. Version 2.0 offers players the opportunity to upgrade their arsenal of everyday objects with over fifty new items including boomerangs, frying pans and cowbells, as well as a fancy Trick or Treat costume for the hero.
  • Where will you be for Halloween? Well, if you can’t make it to a graveyard, why not bring one home? Ghost Buddy is a 3D first-person simulation app for the iPhone that casts you as a kind of ‘ghost whisperer’ who has devoted himself to helping lead lost souls to their graves. This game uses a unique, revolutionary means of control and play specially designed for the iPhone. The iPhone is used as a viewfinder into a virtual world that wraps completely around you.
  • Engineous Games has announced the launch of Spooky Jump, a Halloween-themed platformer created entirely from pen-and-crayon drawings – with a little help from an early version of Sketch Nation Jump, an upcoming game creator for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Iuri Tarabanov has released Halloween Catch 1.3 for iPhone and iPod touch users. The application is a seasonal game coming out just in time for Halloween. A boy must catch candy being thrown by a ghost then keep from dropping it so the frog monster that chases him doesn’t pick it up and eat it. Halloween Catch is loaded with traditional seasonal, spooky looking characters in amazing 3D graphics. Gameplay is addictive and can be enjoyed online or offline.
  • Spooky House Studios has released Pumpkin Xplode for iPhone and iPad. It’s a Halloween version of their successful Bubble Explode—a game that has been downloaded over 5 million times to date. Pumpkin Xplode is available both as paid $0.99 and a free ad-supported application.
  • Real Inverse has released Paper Ninja Halloween! which is a special free edition of the game “Paper Ninja” for iPhone and iPod touch. The Halloween version is specially designed with the festival in mind, to let players enjoy the thrills of Paper Ninja during the Halloween. It involves swiping your finger across the screen to cut through hordes of aggressive Paper Ninjas dressed in halloween costume.
  • LambdaMu Games today introduced its 6th Puzzle Pack to its popular Shady Puzzles: Super Compilation App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Shady Puzzles: Halloween Pack is now available as a free update for existing users and is on sale until November 1st for $0.99. A lite version has also been released on all iOS devices. A cross between Sudoku and Minesweeper, Shady Puzzles is a logic game that is deceptively simple: to correctly shade in blank squares. However, players must follow numerical rules for each row and column, leaving a certain number of spaces between each shaded square, as well as limiting the number of squares they shade in. Quirky doodle-style graphics and additional puzzle modes add to the fun, offering hours of challenging gameplay.
  • To celebrate the holiday, PlayFirst is offering themed updates and all-new content for a few of their favorite frightful titles. Why not order up a spooky serving of Diner Dash on the iPhone, with an all new restaurant, the Spooky Saloon? Also, the recently released (not deceased!) Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills, for PC and Mac, gives Flo the terrifying task of running the silly but sinister Spooky Shack restaurant at DinerLand theme park.
  • The Hunt – Haunted Halloween Edition will take you on an adventure around the world to some of the scariest and most mysterious Real-World places ever. You will feel as if You have become Indiana Jones himself. Hunt down answers to Real-World riddles that lead to creepy Real-World locations. Travel to each location on the interactive satellite-image map, actually see the locations as if you were there. Pack up your gear and get ready for an adventure like no other iPhone app. Join The Hunt Now.
  • Eyedip, LLC has unveiled an all new Halloween update for their hilariously entertaining iPhone and iPad app, Pocket Devil – Hell Yeah!. Chapter 13 sees the gleeful little demons in costume, ready to play all new mini-games, and ward off Halloween-inspired adversaries in their new stomping ground, The Haunted Cemetery.
  • Blue Hole 3D has just announced its special Halloween version 1.2. Play the game in regular mode or Halloween mode for a spooky deepsea race to the bottom of the sea. This version provides a fun Halloween play mode. Click on the Halloween button to activate a deadly pumpkin submarine and various Halloween themes. Earn bonus points by hitting objects along your path. Earn extras point after collecting 10 bonus items. Clear over 30 missions to earn OpenFeint achievement rewards.
  • Boutique media firm KadaMedia has recently released HourClash HD Halloween Edition, their newest game for the iPad. This special Halloween version has been chosen as New & Noteworthy in the Apple store for iPad. The game is a challenge for the most avid puzzle gamer. Easy to play, yet tough to master, HourClash Halloween Edition features physics based game play, great soundtracks and 15 fun levels. The premise is initially simple, match halloween themed balls as they fall through an hourglass.
  • Eyedip, LLC has conjured up a bewitching Halloween update for Flight Doodle and Flight Doodle HD. Now, under the cloak of night, the jack-o’-lantern balloon takes players on a new spooky Halloween adventure through the stormy night sky! Instead of cargo-dropping planes and rock-tossing pygmies, players take flight with ghosts, ghouls and zombies just in time for the scariest holiday of the year! To celebrate the season, Eyedip is also announcing a wicked “Balloon Costume Contest” which kicks off today. Prizes include three iPod touches (4G), hundreds of dollars in gift cards and an in-game feature for the winners. Trick or treat!
  • Vampire Origins Reloaded is a huge update to Vampire Origins, including new gyroscope controls to change the entire way you can play the game. The update also features new crusades and vampires, achievements and much more. Vampire Origins Reloaded is available now for iPhone and iPad. The HD version is also on sale for $.99 for a limited time to celebrate the update.
  • Fairlady Media has announced Ghosts! 1.0 their newest game for iPhone and iPod touch. In this spooky action-packed game, players use a flashlight to find invading ghosts and other enemies in a dark landscape. Destroy the creepy enemies by zapping them with a lighting-enabled super flashlight or upgrade to a flamethrower for even better defenses. Ghosts! features 20 levels of gameplay with awesome graphics, music, and sound effects and much more.
  • In celebration of the upcoming Halloween season, SKH Apps is offering Evil Quiz! 1.3 at no cost starting this Friday, October 1st until Friday, October 8th. Everyone will be able to try out this suspenseful test full of ingenius questions, silly evil themed graphics and shocking failures that zap users. Throughout the test, clever questions are asked along with various clicking on evil themed objects such as spiders, bats and skulls.
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    The app they mention in the article, '100 Horror Stories, Sounds, And Scares' I got it, it's so cool.

    Boo! 😉

  • Mr Costumes

    Some of these are actually really good ideas. I got Ghosts and played it a bit. It's pretty fun and looks very polished. It also really gets me in the mood for Halloween. I can't wait.

  • Phil Misiowiec

    Check out Glowing Pumpkins, just released yesterday!

  • Igor

    Castle von Oeth has just released Creep-O-Rama, a Halloween SFX app that you should also check out:

  • Jennifer

    We came across "Pumpkin Pad" yesterday, a pumpkin carving and decorating game. There are already a lot of apps that do that out there, but this one was way, way better, probably the best I've seen! Lots of artsy backgrounds and music to play along with and super cute stickers. My daughter loves it, and I even got lost in it for a while :}

  • Foo

    One Halloween game:

  • zaraly

    Top 10 best free Halloween iPad Apps for download:

  • CTWill

    Thanks for the list, it's great! I love Halloween and am always looking for a good iPad app!

    I found a new one called A Haunted Halloween HD that is very nice. Easily the best soundboard app I have purchased. It has a screen full of flying ghosts and witches that you click on to make the sounds. They mix together perfectly and can play on their own randomly.

    In case you want it, the itunes url is .

  • Lonely indie

    Also check out the new released iPhone Game “Candy Fever”
    It’s a cool free Halloween game with a cool Halloween theme.
    Try to get as much candy as ou can :)

  • GyratoryTech

    Apple no1

  • Nicola

    Have you checked out Dress Jack-o-Ween? It is a nice iPhone/iPad app from Punflay-

  • Janet

    aha, great, I like Blue Hole 3D and iSoundGrid-Halloween 1.1! Thanks the cool and nice list sharing!!!!
    Well, I also just found another app for Halloween, iFunia DVD to iPad Converter for Mac to convert the Halloween movies to iPad on Mac easily, you can get the simple steps guide "How to convert Halloween movies to iPad on Mac" in iFunia iPad column.
    I believe this Halloween won't aridity, just make more fun!!!

  • Nic

    MyXfile:Ghosts is the iPhone app you'll need for Halloween if you want to create scary photo. Check the video:
    Get it here for 0.99$ only during Halloween:

  • Emy

    There is a webapps portal with plenty of free halloween games (pics puzzles, trivia, cards games …) at (no need to download, just go to with your iPhone/iPod/iPad browser).

  • convertmoivetoipad

    Obviously, apple contributes another great feats for people users to celebrate Halloween.

  • Andrew Osborne

    Hey all – we just released a fun app for Halloween – Halloween Booth. Get ready for the Halloween Holidays by dressing yourself and your friends up as scary creatures with Halloween Booth.

    Simply take a photo, choose your costume accessories and get ready to scare! Plus you get to share it with your friends via MMS (Photo library) email, FaceBook and Twitter.

  • Sarah Grosi

    Wow! Thank you for the list! Will save it and use on April Fool day or Halloween! Why not to surprise those who don’t expect such a thing from you! I have been tricked myself with one of these prank apps – ScreamIt!

  • iPad Greg

    you guys should really check this one out
    Paid-scary screens Halloween iPad app. Totally doing that chest trick thing for my zombie costume

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    Try scaring your friends and family with, "The Mirror," a simple app that acts like a video mirror but changes pictures and emits a bone chilling scream!

    Find more info at

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    Halloween fun App on iPhone worth trying…

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    Check out "halloween*" its a countdown, soundboard and facts book built into one great app to get you in the mood for Halloween.