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Need to brush up on the holidays celebrated in Syria? Stumped on whether all former British colonies celebrate Boxing Day (hint: the U.S. does not)?

With a database listing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, World Holidays Calendar 2011 (it will show up as wCalendar on your iPhone) has the most up-to-date list of world holidays in a single app, and it is incredibly easy to customize a calendar to display holidays in countries of specific interest.

What is it?

wCalendar is simply a clone of the built-in iOS calendar, but instead of allowing the user to enter his own events, wCalendar displays the holidays in 241 countries. Multiple screens allow for display of a calendar showing all holidays on a given date, a list of countries (tappable to show that country’s full year of holidays), and a customizable calendar called “My List” that displays only the holidays from countries marked with a gold star in the country list.

World Holidays Calendar

How does it work?

Fire up the app and pick a day on the calendar. wCalendar shows you all the holidays on that date for every country in its database.

Tap the Country List, and you can drill down to the holiday list for a given country or tap a gold star next to a country to add it to “My List”. The My List view is a calendar that displays only holidays for starred countries, so you can easily see what holidays are in countries where you travel, have family or business contacts, or just find interesting!

Is it contagious?

wCalendar could easily be indispensable for business or travel that takes you to another country. Nothing is worse than being trapped clueless and hungry in a European country with a retail- and restaurant-closing holiday every other week! Scheduling business meetings across multiple continents is already hard enough due to time zones, so having quick access to such a complete repository of multinational holidays is a boon.

Operation is simple and slick, though many users will likely opt for the orange color scheme over the rather drab industrial gray default.

Category: Business (though it can also be used for travel)
Developer: Voicepedia Inc.
Cost: $4.99
Download: World Holidays Calendar 2011
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