Appletell reviews the SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPhone 4

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Provides: Protection from scratches and minor bumps
Colors: Black, white, clear, fuchsia, lime, orange, purple, torquise
Developer: SwitchEasy
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $19.99
Availability: Now

I’ve been using the SwitchEasy NUDE Case since I got my first iPhone: the now classic iPhone 3G. When I got my iPhone 3GS a year ago, I bought the same case. So, when I was waiting for my iPhone 4 to arrive, I immediately ordered the SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPhone 4 as well. Why do I keep on using this iPhone case? For one very important reason—it does not add bulk to the iPhone. The SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPhone 4 is no exception.

I like this case so much that I ordered three—ultra clear and black for my iPhone 4, pink for my wife’s. Did I make the right choice? Am I satisfied with SwitchEasy’s NUDE case for iPhone 4? Partly yes, partly no.

SwitchEasy NUDE Case

When it comes to adding bulk to the iPhone 4, I’m glad to say that this is not a problem at all. The case is only 0.8mm thin. In fact, many of my friends failed to notice that my iPhone 4 is already wearing a case since I’m currently using the ultra clear model. So, it’s not to thick, but can it protect the iPhone 4 from scratch and bumps? Yes it does. According to SwitchEasy, the case has a duo UV resistant gloss coating and was made from super strong polycarbonate material. Since I don’t want to risk scratching or causing dents on my iPhone 4, I’m afraid I have no way of testing this unless I accidentally drop off my iPhone 4. Hopefully, I won’t. So, I’m just taking SwitchEasy’s words for it.

Aside from the case’s thin form factor, it also has the usual cut-outs to provide access to the different buttons of the iPhone 4. And to protect these buttons and holes from dust that might accumulate inside, SwitchEasy was gracious enough to pack in two pairs of rubber covers for the USB port and the headphone port. In addition, you also get two pieces of SwitchEasy’s anti-static screen guards, a squeegee for applying the screen guard, and a micro-fiber cloth.

One gripe I have about the SwitchEasy NUDE Case is that it is too difficult to remove. I don’t know if it’s the design of the iPhone 4 or the case itself, but I never had this problem with the NUDE case for my iPhone 3GS.

Another issue is that it doesn’t provide protection to your iPhone’s screen when placed face-down. The edge of the case is just enough and does not overlap with the front edges of the iPhone. This is of course understandable since it will just add thickness to the case.

Overall, the SwitchEasy NUDE may not be the perfect case for the iPhone 4, but for the protection it gives to your phone without adding bulk to its overall form factor, it’s worth the $19.99 you’ll have to pay for it.

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