Nike+ GPS iPhone, iPod touch app connects with Facebook

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Nike+ GPS iPhone, iPod Touch App
If you’re a runner, you’re probably using the Nike+ GPS iPhone/iPod touch app to help you track your running goals and activities. If you’re not using, now may be the time to start. Nike+ GPS has just been updated to version 2.0, and it now lets you connect with your friends on Facebook.

Wait, so what if the app connects with Facebook? Well, peer motivation is a great way of inspiring you to achieve your goals. As a runner myself, I know it’s very difficult to go through the boring process of training for a run, especially if you keep it to yourself. Sharing your running achievements will help you get motivated.

To make this feature even more exciting, the app lets you enable the “cheer” option. Once this option is activated, you can tell your Facebook friends you are going for a run, and they can send words of encouragement through your Facebook wall. Friends can like your status update or write their comments. It gets even more fun once you get the notifications on your iPhone while running. Sounds encouraging, right?

Wait, there are some more new features, including:

  • One More PowerSong: Blast past your goals and records by running the duration of one more song.
  • Share Run: Broadcast your accomplishments to the world via Facebook and Twitter.
  • My Records: View your best runs and see if you’ve got what it takes to break them.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Nike+ GPS was originally developed for the iPhone, but can also run on iPod Touch without the mapping features. The app is available now from the App Store as a free update or for $1.99 if you’re getting it for the first time.

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  • Bob

    What's the difference between this app and the one that comes standard on the touch already? GPS features, facebook and an extra power song?